Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sad Day: Caught Lookin' Closing Up Shop

Thanks to everyone who has been reading Caught Lookin' during this season long experiment.  However, due to the time commitment needed to run this blog on my own, I've decided to close up shop.

While I won't have the time to run this blog anymore, I will, however, do my best to keep writing about the Mets and baseball.  That being said, I hope to have an announcement about where I will continue writing within the next few days.

Stay tuned for more information.

Before I go, I would like to say a few quick things.  I have learned a lot working on this blog, and have definitely had some fun doing it.  I loved reading comments (even if they did tell me to go F-myself), and enjoyed sharing my Mets opinions and baseball thoughts with you.  I hope that the people that did read, and enjoyed, this blog will follow me on to my next "writing space", where I promise to continually blame Luis Castillo for everything that has happened since 2006.

Thanks again.

-Caught Lookin'

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  1. I'm sad to see you close down. I know the time that is needed to keep something up like this and I wish you well.

    By the way, I would be honored to have you write for