Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quick and Dirty on New Year's Eve: Just the Way You Like It

Here's the quick and dirty updates around the league...

According to the NY Post, Sean Casey likes the Mets signing of Jason Bay because he's a team first player, and thinks he'll "rub off" on a team that looks to be individuals over the unit.

In the same article "a source with knowledge of the team's thinking", which is about as vague as you get (Do I count as that?), says the Mets are not as close to Molina as reported earlier in the week. Sorry Post, keep digging for anti-Mets articles to write.
, talked to the Cubs GM who seems to think that Zambrano negotiated the no-trade clause into his contract for a reason, and expects him to be on the Cubs this year. One word: Bummer.

Joe Arangure of says that Carlos Delgado is making his winter league debut Sunday. I bet there will be Mets representation there...

The Denver Post is saying that Torrealba is close to done as a member of the Rockies, as they are nearing a deal with Miguel Olivo. He and Ianetta will certainly put some pop into the catcher spot in that Colorado line up.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is saying that the Cardinals and Matt Holliday are working towards a deal, and that it's gaining momentum. The deal is being described as "potentially is the largest ever offered by the franchise." That'll make Albert Pujols' looming extension or free agency a lot more fun for the Cardinals (sarcasm). Whatever deal they give Holliday, Pujols deserves twice as much, because he is the best player in baseball, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. They better teach these two how to pitch and play 4 other positions because those two deals could potentially put a damper on future spending in the "Lou". On a bright note for the Cardinals, It'd be nice to know that they didn't give up Brett Wallace for nothing.

The Boston Globe said that Mike Lowell's surgery was a success and that his recovery should be 6-8 weeks. I hope the Mets call about getting him as a platoon partner with Murphy over at first base.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time To Give Omar Some Dap!

It's time to give credit where credit is due. Two nice things Omar has done/is doing.

Tracy Ringolsby at is reporting that the Orioles made an offer at some point to Holliday for 8 years/$130 million. If this is true and this is how the Holliday market is going to start shaping up, then the 5 year/$80 million deal to Bay that the Mets are rumored to be on the brink of was a good move. An 8 year commitment to any player that isn't Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin is in my opinion is completely nuts. I realize Crosby and Ovechkin play hockey, but the point here is that anyone getting an 8 year deal had better be a young stud who has yet to even reach the prime of his career, not someone currently in their prime. And although, I do think Holliday is currently in his prime, at 36 (year 6 of this offer) he will not be, and will be a heavy contract that will be tough to move. Also, in general I am hesistant to make any commitment to any player for longer than 5 years. The bottomline here is that a lot (injuries, depleted skills etc) can happen in 8 years, and to be linked to a player for that long, is not a smart move. Bay was the right choice if 8 years are going to be necessary to land this guy.

It looks like Omar Minaya is one of the 7 people who consistently read my blog and took my advice and looked into Carlos Zambrano, according to In the article, Matt Cerrone identifies Luis Castillo, Angel Pagan, Mike Pelfrey and others as being talked about in trase discussions between the Mets and Cubs.

I'm not going to get too excited over this, because many many rumors fall flat on their faces...BUT... if the Mets can get Zambrano while getting rid of Castillo, and not giving up TOO much, that would be quite a coup for Omar. At the least Omar deserves some serious dap for looking into the Zambrano market, but the question remains can he put the pieces together and get Carlos to ok the deal.

So, I'm not quite ready to give Omar my full confidence again, but signing Bay is looking better and better and at least looking into dealing for Zambrano is a good move too. Let's give Omar the credit he deserves for getting a left fielder before he'd have to pay out the nose for one, and doing his homework on potential number 2 starters.

UPDATE: According to the Baltimore Sun there is no truth to the Holliday rumor. I'm not going to take back the dap I gave Omar before, because I do believe the contract Holliday eventually will sign will be HUGE and not completely worth it. I am just not as excited about the Bay deal as I was 10 minutes ago.

Is Piniero Really the Best Pitching Option? And How the A's and Marlins Should Show the Mets Something.

If the Mets are intent on continuing their recent (last 24 hour) spending spree and are looking to sign Joel Piniero I would not be upset, but I'm not so sure that he's the best free agent pitcher available as most outlets are reporting. There is at least one untapped resource that might be worth the risk for a few reasons, Aroldis Chapman.

The knock on Chapman is that he may need seasoning and is "unproven". And, while it's impossible to deny that he is unproven on a professional level, he has been very effective in international play, which has served as a good barometer for other pitchers, ie., Daisuke Matsuzaka.

But to me the bigger question isn't how unproven Chapman is, but rather how proven really is Joel Piniero.

FACT: Piniero has only once in his 9 year career put up back-to-back seasons with an ERA under 4.00 (2002 and 2003).

FACT: Prior to last season Piniero had not had a season with an ERA under 4.00 since 2003.

FACT: Jeff Suppan had an ERA of 4.17, 3.57 and 4.17 in his last three years with the Cardinals before signing as a free agent with Milwaukee and putting up years with ERA's of 4.62, 4.96 and 5.29.

OPINION: Dave Duncan is a damn good pitching coach and is capable of doing some really nice things with some marginal pitchers. Whether that means taking a lesser talent (like Suppan) and getting the most out of him, or taking a talented player (like Piniero) and making him realize his talents, Duncan does a damn good job. So, the question becomes has Piniero realized his talents and discovered how to pitch heading into his prime? Or has Dave Duncan done another fine job making a good pitcher look great?

If I'm Minaya I have to take a few more things into consideration when looking at signing a starting pitcher to be your number 2 starter. First, Chapman is 21, ten years younger than Piniero. Chapman throws 7-9 mph harder than Piniero. And, Chapman is a lefty. Chapman will cost a bit more, but if he's within the Mets spending range than there is no reason not to take a shot on a 21 year old stud, who could become a young anchor to your pitching staff for years to come. Or, he can turn into Jose Contreras...

Picking between going after Chapman and Piniero is NOT an easy call for Omar, but here's a little something that pushes me over to the side of Chapman. The Marlins and A's are in on Chapman.

Now, what I'm about to say is as much of a knock on the Mets scouting as it is a glorification of the A's and Marlins scouting departments. If the Marlins and A's are both in on Chapman, the Mets should be too. The A's and Marlins are two organizations with financial restraints and the uncanny ability to produce solid young talent. So, if they are both believe this kid is the real deal and are willing to throw a good amount of money at Chapman, so should the Mets.

So, if the 21 year old flame throwing left hander is still in play for the Mets, I'd take a chance and seriously look into signing him before we're looking to trade our top prospects for him in 2-3 years anyway.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dominos Startin' to Fall

After Mike Francesa broke the news of the signing of Jason Bay with the Mets on the horizon, earlier today, another domino has seemed to fall into place for the Mets. According to, Rich Coutinho of ESPN Radio says the Mets are closing in on a two year deal with Bengie Molina.

Not to toot my own horn here, but I wrote just two days ago that Omar hasn't really missed out on much and now it's looking more and more like the Mets are landing the fish they want on their terms, for the most part.

Mets fans have to be happy to get two of the best players on the market at their positions. Although this may not be the best case scenario, (which would have been Holliday on the contract Bay's getting and Molina on a one year deal) I would still call what the Mets have done today as a close second.

As long as Bay's defense is average (or above), the Mets should be happy with his power production in that line up, along with his ability to be clutch late in games.

As for Molina, he can hit a bit (better than any other free agent catcher), has a little pop, a nice arm and knows how to call a game. His problem is that he's as slow as molasses and is not a gaurauntee to score from second on a base hit to the outfield. This will be extremely annoying to Mets fans, but hopefully his other positives will be worth the two year deal, which will give the Mets the time to let heir apparent, Josh Thole, develop in the minors.

Alright, Omar, now fill out that staff...

Wow, Francesa Actually Broke News: Bay to the Mets...

So, after all the Mets fans being prepared for the worst, Mike Francesa came out with these nuggets.

First, Molina is still waiting for a 3 year contract but the Mets have only offered a one-year deal.

And finally, according to Francesa, after the weekend the Mets will have signed Bay. According to Francesa, "The only thing left is the physicals." So barring some sort of physical set-back, it looks like the Mets will have a power hitting left fielder early next week.


Wow, I really wasn't expecting player updates, because let's be honest, how would Francesa know ANYTHING before Rosenthal, Olney or Gammons. Well, he claims to have a source, and to be in the know on this one. And this news is consistent with the idea that Bay was close to signing a 4 year, reported earlier in the week.

So, I guess the Mets have filled one of their bigger holes in left field with a nice bat. 4 years is a good deal for the Mets on this one. And although, I probably would have prefered Holliday, 4 years for Bay is well within reason. Despite Bay's range leaving something to be desired, you cannot help but be excited by the idea of his bat in the middle of that line up, which now seems exponentially better. And like I have said before, this guy HAS delivered in the clutch in a big city before, and that is a HUGE DEAL.

Now, I'm wondering if there is more on tap for the Mets in the next coming days, as Matthew Cerone of Metsblog seemed to hint at...


Joel Sherman on twitter, confirms the signing at 4 years $16.5 Mill, with an easy option for 5th. Can't get much more real than this stuff now. Mets fans, they FINALLY DID SOMETHING!

Monday, December 28, 2009

After All This Freakin' Out, The Mets Haven't Missed Much

According to Ken Rosenthal the Giants are close to signing Mark DeRosa, yet another free agent option off the board and Minaya is still doing nothing, right? Wrong!

Going into the off season the Mets were hoping to fill voids in left field and catcher, trade and replace Luis Castillo, add bullpen depth and add starting pitching depth. Alright, so let's take a look at each hole and see what they've missed.

Left Field:

The two big fish, Holliday and Bay, are still available. Neither has signed with anyone, nor do they look like they are going to anytime soon. So Minaya didn't sign DeRosa, or deal for Melky Cabrera, I think I can handle that knowing both Bay and Holliday are available and the Mets can still make a solid play for one.


Bengie Molina, long thought to be the Mets top catching target, also hasn't signed yet. Neither has Rod Barajas or even Miguel Olivo, who conventional wisdom has as the Mets back up plans.

Second Base:

Yes, Minaya has not traded Castillo yet. Trust me, no one wants this guy out of New York more than I do. But realizing that he wasn't worth trading for Carlos Silva (no matter how much I don't like Castillo, he has more value than that), it wouldn't be the end of the world if he stayed. Beyond that, the off season is still going on and Omar still may be able to dump Castillo and go out and get Hudson (still on the free agent market), who the Mets are believed to be interested in should they be able to move Castillo.


This is where Omar has been most active signing Igarashi, Kelvim Escobar and R.A. Dickey and Clint Everts to minor league deal. These names may not be household, but are adding depth to the area heading into the off-season, that the club seemed least concerned with. So, Mets fans can be satisfied with this.

Starting pitching:

Ok, the Phillies got Halladay, but the Mets were never in the running for him, especially considering that he apparently was only willing to sign an extension with Philly anyway. It wasn't worth it for the Mets to deal for him for only a year. Beside that, the Mets could not give up anyone with the value of Cliff Lee on their roster, so realistically, they did not have a good shot. And yes, they missed out on Jason Marquis, but once again not a big deal. Jon Garland is a similar player to Marquis and is still available, as are risk/reward options Ben Sheets and Eric Bedard, and not to mention neither Cuban pitcher has signed Maya or Chapman.

So, I'm asking once again, What has Minaya missed out on?

All of his targets are still available, while other teams are filling their holes in other ways. I'm usually the biggest pessimist here, but it's looking like Omar is going to be in better and better shape as time goes by.

So Mets fans, step off the ledge, we haven't missed anything, YET.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holliday Hiatus - No Pun Intended

Here's what I learned over the past few days...

Jason Bay apparently wants no part of the Mets, and it looks like he's more likely to go back to Boston at a lower salary than the Mets offered. Honestly, I'm fine with this, I'd rather get Holliday or go piecemeal and see what's left out there. I was not excited when I first heard that Bay was their top choice, maybe for once they'll make the right move and put the efforts toward Holliday, even if it is by default. Besides, I'm starting to feel that catcher and pitcher are bigger needs than left field, but at the same time I would like a bopper for this line up.

Speaking of pitching help, the Mets signed Kelvim Escobar on a one year $1.25 Million deal. A nice risk/reward signing for the Mets. Hopefully, Escobar and the new Japanese import will combine to help solidify that back end of the bullpen.

The Mets and White Sox are reportedly the front runners for the lesser Cuban import Yuniesky Maya. Also, according to Buster Olney, Joel Piniero is near the top, if not at the top of the Mets wish list.

I have no problem taking the risk with Maya, maybe Minaya will fall into it, so to speak. But I would like to see him take a risk on a pitcher like Bedard or Sheets who have had success before. Now, I understand a healthy Maya is probably less of a gamble than a recovering Sheets or Bedard, but still I like the proven commodity of a pitcher who has done it before.

As for Piniero, there is no denying he had a great year this past season. But, I can't help but think that some of that is due to the tutelage of Dave Duncan. We've seen guys do this before under Duncan, see Jeff Suppan, and I don't know that a 3 or 4 year deal to Piniero is less of a risk than the deal given to Perez last off-season. I like Dan Warthen, but he's not Duncan, who we've seen do this before. If I'm Omar, I would not go anywhere near Piniero. Omar, look to deal for pitching because I don't think starting pitching help is out there in free agency.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Fix the Mets in Many Many Easy Steps...

Here we go. I'm fixing the Mets:

1) Although it may cost a ransom, I would do whatever needed to be done to land a free agent outfielder. Throw extra years at Holliday, say 6 or even 7, to get him in the fold. Or as a back up plan, I would rather have Damon than Bay. I know his arm is garbage, but with Reyes' cannon of a relay from left field, I'm not overly concerned. Also, I think Damon has much better range than Bay, and he can flat out hit. Plus, the guy is a winner.

2) Talk to the the Cubs about Carlos Zambrano. If the Mets are willing to part with Pagan, Maine/Pelfrey and Feliciano/Parnell, I think the Cubs would be interested. Obviously I would prefer giving up Parnell to Feliciano, but this would bring in a #2 for the Mets without giving up too much. By the way, Have I ever mentioned that ZAMBRANO MASHES at the plate? One problem, getting Zambrano to waive his no-trade clause.

3) Salary dump: Here's a wild idea, Castillo to the Red Sox for Mike Lowell. WHY THE HELL NOT? We do what needs to be done, get rid of the worst thing to ever happen to the Mets (who, by the way, brought about only disaster since his acquisition) and at the same time obtain a nice platoon partner for Murphy over at first (after he is surgically repaired, of course).

4) Sign the O-Dawg. Another character type who can hit, field and lead. I like it, just don't give him a long deal.

5) Take a shot on an incentive laden deal, much like Harden got, for one of either Sheets, Bedard or Garland.

6) And finally sign Molina. Who cares if you give him a third year option, just DON'T GAURANTEE IT! With all the other crappy free agent catchers signing for 2 years this offseason it makes sense to give a 2-year deal to a guy that can actually play. Yeah, he's fat, and slow. But he has a cannon for an arm and can hit for a decent average, which will be nice from the 8 hole.

SO Here's what that leaves you with:

(With Holliday)

(With Damon)

And here's your rotation:

Pelfrey/Maine - whichever isn't dealt to Chicago for Zambrano

That's what I would do...But I'm not Omar.

While You Were Sleepin': The Royals One Marlon Away From All-Anderson Outfield (12/22)

The Nationals are nearing a one-year deal with "Everyday" Eddie Guardado, according to Also, Bill Ladson on Twitter reports of the Nationals interest in Smoltz, however, they are unwilling to "break the bank" to get him. No surprises there...

Also in the NL East the Phillies are continuing to look at the back end of their bullpen, with an eye towards free agents who could potentially close for them should Lidge not rebound. Two of these free agents include Fernando Rodney (link) and Mike MacDougal (link). I can't blame them. That may have been their only weak point last year.

And has confirmed Troy Glaus signing a one-year deal with the Braves. I know this may sound dumb, but as a Mets fan, that scares me. When he's healthy he can really hit.

Elsewhere, as Scott Merkin first tweeted, the Royals have signed Brian Anderson to a one year contract. Good news, now with Brian and Josh in the fold, the Royals are a Marlon Anderson away from potential playing an all-Anderson outfield at some point next season. If that doesn't sell tickets in KC, I don't know what will.

And finally, is reporting that Delgado has delayed his start in winter ball, which I think is a horrible sign. I was all for bringing him back, until I heard this. I don't like the idea of bringing him in if he's not 100%.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All We Need Is Just a Little Patience

As SNY’s Ted Berg has been beating the drum of patience this off-season, I thought I’d chime in with a different take. By and large, I agree with Ted, particularly since the early off-season moves weren’t exactly viable (pretty sure the Phillies won’t be trading their best pitcher to the Mets anytime soon) or reasonable (The Brewers deciding to turn Randy Wolf into Jeff Suppan 2.0). But as January approaches, Mets fans are still waiting for Omar to make a move, and I’m beginning to worry that Omar’s restraint will cost the Mets more than a shot at Javier Vazquez. By refusing to make a move that could be perceived as foolish (although one could argue that offering any multi-year contract to Bengie Molina is dumb in and of itself, but whatever), Omar has managed to further anger an already infuriated fanbase, and that has serious financial implications. The Times has reported that the new Mets “retro” jerseys aren’t exactly flying off the shelves, and an informal poll conducted by Caryn of showed many season-ticket holders are not renewing. This means that there are fewer people buying merch and fewer people are committing to showing up to games, which presumably means that there will be fewer concession sales, luxury suite rentals, and ridiculous parking lot income. This also means that the Mets will be operating with a lot less cash-on-hand this year in the slower winter months than they have in the past. I don’t think it’s not too much of a stretch to think that the expected loss of revenue will affect all aspects of the Mets, including the amount they can spend on free agents So to paraphrase Peter Arnett, Omar may be destroying the Mets’ budget in order to save it.

While You (and Omar) Were Sleepin'...

According to Jon Heyman on Twitter it looks like Yankees are about to re-acquire RHP Javier Vazquez along with RHP Boone Logan for Melky Cabrera, LHP Mike Dunn and a prospect. Despite Vazquez' poor first stint in NY, you have to give credit to Cashman for landing one of the best pitchers available, yet again. As a Mets fan it's starting to get pretty annoying to see that the Yankees 3rd and 4th starters would be a number 2 starter on your team.

On an equally frustrating front, Ken Rosenthal on twitter reports the Mariners are nearing a deal to send Brandon Morrow to Toronto for Brandon League and a prospect. Now, I don't mean any offense to Brandon League (who had a 4.58 ERA last year), but Omar couldn't put together a better package than that? Did he even try? I'd like to know he looked into it, as he claims he looks into everything.

Now, I know Morrow has been up and down, but where is the harm in obtaining a young arm with a high ceiling for say, Brian Stokes and a prospect. It's not like Omar isn't stock piling relievers anyway.

In general, I woke up cranky because I'm starting to get concerned Omar is a little too focused on his targets and is missing out on some opportunities to think outside the box, and improve this team.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Matthews and Pedro and Cash, Oh My!

ESPN's rumor central has some pretty disturbing stuff for Mets fans, which I first saw on Jayson Stark's twitter.

Ok, so first thing's first on this, the alleged 4-team deal that fell through during the winter meetings which involved Burrell, Matthews, Bradley and Castillo. Man, am I glad this fell through. Although, I do acknowledge that Matthews is a good fielder, and would help in the canyon that is CitiField, I would take Castillo hitting .302, 1 HR, 40 RBI and .387 OBP over Matthews .250, 4 HR, 50 RBI and .336 OBP anyday. Even if dumping Castillo would allow the Mets to get O-Dog, I don't think putting Matthews anywhere in that line up helps. Also, getting Matthews would probably have kept the Mets from even entertaining the ideas of Bay or Holliday.

In the same rumor mill, it looks like the Mets are kicking the tires on Pedro, again. But this time, he's looking for more than the one year/$7.5 mill given to Penny. Absolutely, positively, NO WAY. Harden is getting about that next year, and even Penny is a gamble I would have been willing to take. But I would not spend $8 mill on Pedro, especially not with Sheets, Garland, Wang and Bedard still out there. No thank you, Pedro. I loved you when you were here, but enough is enough.

A Number Two I Wish We Were Sniffin'

I have, and always will have, the biggest man-crush on Carlos Zambrano. And after reading a NY Post article that believed the Yankees inquired on him, I'm gonna say it...If you are the Mets this is the number two you want to be sniffing (obvious and disgusting joke, I know, but I couldn't pass it up).

And here's why:

1) The guy is a horse. Last year he pitched 169 innings, his lowest since 2002, which includes a string of 5 consecutive seasons of over 200 innings pitched. Didn't the Mets want an innings eater?

2) His ERA has NEVER been over 4.00 except for his rookie season, where he only logged 6 starts.

3) He has struck out over 150 batters in 6 of his 8 full seasons on the hill.

4) The guy has a wild personality and pitches with so much passion you cannot help, but fall in love with him, should he be on your team.

5) And finally, an added bonus. The guy can mash. He's a sure bet to hit more home runs than Luis Castillo every year, and is a legitimate threat as far as hitting pitchers go. Is it wrong to get a little offense from your pitchers? I don't think so.

Now, I understand he's wild at times, walks guys, and flings water coolers and bats at high speeds across the diamond. Also, he's stated he wants to retire after his next contract. But with the Cubs moving Bradley for Silva, they may not want two different kinds of headcases in their rotation at once. And, if that's true I'd gladly take him off their hands. I think Zambrano would be able to handle New York, and would provide a nice arm behind Santana.

I know the Cubs are looking for a center fielder, and may or may not be looking to shed salary. I know the Mets don't have a center fielder to trade, per say but, if they are one of those teams interested in Angel Pagan, I'd package Angel and either Pelfrey/Maine to get that deal done.

Would you want Zambrano? At what cost?

Show me a package...

While You Were Drinking...(Weekend Update)

For those of you who missed out on the hot stove this weekend, here's an update:

The Nats are apparently making a "strong run" at starter pitcher/innings eater Jon Garland, according to Ken Rosenthal on Twitter. Rosenthal also identifies Marquis and Doug Davis as others who interest the Nats. Not exactly a coup for the Nats, but one of these free agents, combined with Lannan, Zimmermann, Olsen and Stammen give the Nationals a respectable rotation. Oh yeah, and did I mention Stephen Strasburg?

According to Mark Sheldon, the Reds have agreed to an extension with Scott Rolen, and restructured his contract, which will save them about $5 million in 2010, and will provide a little financial relief for an organization rumored to be talking trades in an effort to cut salary.

Jon Morosi on Twitter, reported that the Cubs asked the Nats about Nyjer Morgan, as the Cubs work to find a new centerfielder. Meanwhile the NY Post, believes the Yankees have inuired about Carlos Zambrano as well as checking into the free agent market, in an effort to fill out their rotation.

It also looks as though the exodus from LA continues. First Figgins, Lackey and now Darren Oliver, have left Anaheim for "greener" pastures. ESPN is reporting that Oliver has signed a one year/$3.5 Million deal. A nice deal, for a quality bullpen arm.

Also ESPN is reporting that the A's are nearing a deal with free agent CF, CoCo Crisp.

And, finally, Bart Hubbuch of the NY Post, talks about the Mets back up left field options should they be unable to sign Jason Bay. He seems to think the team would not turn to Johnny Damon, but rather, may be more interested in Jonny Gomes.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Newsflash: Mets Still Need Power, and Capps and Escobar Can't Hit

Anthony McCarron of the Daily News seems to think the Mets are alone on Bay, considering Seattle's acquisition of Milton Bradley, yesterday. McCarron also notes that the Mets have checked in on Matt Capps, and are still in on Kelvim Escobar.

It's nice to think that the Mets are alone on Bay, but I have to think that if this game of chicken continues long enough then a desperate team like the Orioles (who are reportedly in on Holliday) might just jump in on Bay offer the 5th year, and steal him out from under Omar's nose. I'd like to hear something about Omar's back up plan. Show Bay that there is something else you are ready, willing and able to go to.

Also, I have absolutely no problem with the Mets strengthening their bullpen. In fact, I think it's one thing that was overlooked last year because of the complete abomination that was the rest of the team. HOWEVER, I'd like to be hearing more about potential solutions to the left field, catcher and power hitter issues. I hope upgrading power, left field, catcher and even first base are slightly more pressing matters for Omar than upgrading the 'pen.

Currently the Mets have Henry Blanco as their starting catcher, Daniel Murphy at first and Angel Pagan as their starting left fielder. No offense to any of those players (as I feel Pagan and Blanco are valuable back ups and pieces to the team and Murphy can be a valuable regular for them) BUT none of those guys have the power to hit over 20 home runs and combined would be good for about 30 maximum.

Omar, if you want to get your fan base back, show us you have a plan that will fill the bigger holes on this squad, and stop making marginal additions when there are bigger fish to fry.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Bradley for Silva, Zduriencik for President

As first reported by Larry Stone, it looks like Bradley for Silva deal is real. Heyman's sources are confirming.

To me, this is a huge deal for Seattle. They kill two birds with one stone. They lose Silva, his $12,5 Million price tag and his 8.60 ERA, and take a risk on a guy who is a very capable hitter. I don't know what the Cubs were thinking.

This could mean only one of two things: Minaya must have had ZERO interest in Bradley because Castillo would have been a better return for the Cubs. OR, the Cubs REALLY dug themselves a hole by making it known how badly they wanted to move Bradley and this was the only way out.


According to Heyman there is some money going from Seattle to Chicago. Now it makes a little more sense, but still bad deal for the Cubbies.


Chicago Tribune's Paul Sullivan has a different number than Heyman. $9 Mill, which somehow nets to $6 mill, counting Silva.. Still a bad deal, but getting better.

Milton Bradley for WHO? is talking about the Cubs dealing Milton Bradley for Carlos Silva.

I say do it Cubbies, if you're really that desperate. But in terms of upside I think anyone in their right mind would rather deal with Bradley being a pain in the butt, than Silva giving up a ton of bombs in good ol'Wrigley.

While You Were Sleeping...

Here's your morning catch up:

Jason Bay is looking for more years, and the Mets are ready to play some chicken. But does Bay even want to be a Met? Or is he really looking for a 5th year option anywhere else?

Buster Olney thinks that now that Nick Johnson is in the fold, the Yankees are going to turn their attentions to Mark DeRosa as a potential back up around the infield or platoon partner for Cabrera in Left Field.

Milton Bradley is drawing more interest, with no more action. Cubbies, just deal this guy already, it's the same rumors re-hashed every freakin' day.

Tim Brown is saying no dice on Harang to the Dodgers.

In other Dodger news, it looks like Jamey Carrol is close to siging.

Meanwhile also in California, Crisp is looking at San Diego and the Pads are looking at him, which in my opinion, may not necessarily mean a Gonzalez deal is off.

More news and notes to come throughout the day.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

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