Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Adam Rubin Dropping Bombs, My Take

Well, I wouldn't exactly call them bombs...But...

Adam Rubin has been tweeting a bunch, and here's what's going on...

First off, it looks like Murphy is more than day-to-day and will probably start the season on the DL.  Rubin says the problem isn't severe but could cost Murphy 2-6 weeks.  I am fully expecting even more Ike Davis re-call talk then we've already had, but to me, it just makes more sense to carry Jacobs and Carter now.  They can both play first and you can ride the hot hand, because I severely doubt the Mets are ready to try Ike, especially if only for a few weeks.  Let him develop, he will be awesome when he comes up, just let him get to where he needs to be first.  There is no reason to rush Ike. 

******While I was writing this, Omar confirmed Ike will stay in triple-A, which according to Rubin means 2 of 3 probably from Catalanotto, Carter and Jacobs.  Good idea, Omar.  So that basically means Carter or Cat for the last spot, considering Jacobs was just called the "front-runner" by Manuel.**********

Speaking of rushing prospects...

Rubin has also tweeted that Jerry Manuel seems to really want Mejia to make this team, saying, "Do I see a way that he doesn't make the team? Not today. ... There's going to be some interesting dialogue about that."  Rubin also says that there will be an eighth inning crew by committee as of now.  Jerry is really ticking me off here.  Look, I'm as excited with Mejia as everyone else is, but don't people want him to be a starter?  Doesn't that seem to fit the team better in the long-run?  I really think it's not worth messing with his development when we have an eighth inning guy who is capable but is never given a shot, Pedro Feliciano.  And I am especially curious about Jerry wanting Mejia up, if the eighth inning will be by committee.  As much as I am against Mejia being up, and messing with his development, if he's up then he has to be the eighth inning guy.  There is literally no reason to keep him around if he's going into middle relief, or will split time with Feliciano.  It's just not the best idea of the organization.   Let him become a stud starting prospect, because in the end, top-of-the-line starting pitching is harder to find than eighth inning help...

Rubin has also tweeted that if Jose isn't ready for opening day then Cora will start at short, which I'm fine with, especially considering how long he'll be out.  It just makes more sense than seeing Tejada be awesome and then having to hear people complain about how awful Castillo is, and how much better Tejada would be.  Good PR move... Sorry that was just some uncalled-for Castillo hate coming out...

No matter what, it's time to get excited, as opening day creep even closer...

Mets Defeat Marlins 6-3 Behind Homers From Bay, Wright and Carter

Today the Mets defeated the Marlins 6-3 (box score), and were aided by a little extra power.  Bay, Wright and Carter all homered for the Mets, Carter as a pinch-hitter, and all of those homers were hit off of Josh Johnson.  Those deep drives coupled with an RBI for Omir Santos, were enough to put the Mets over top today.  Jacobs also looked pretty good today going 2-4 from the plate with two doubles, although one of them was aided by the ball getting by the CF after an attempted dive.

With the news today of Murphy being day-to-day but being spotted with a limp, I think it may be fair to say that Jacobs should be tabbed as the Mets opening day first baseman.  Potentially with the idea of carrying both him and Carter on the roster to start the season.  Especially if the other option is bringing up Ike for a week.  I think I'd rather let him go down and get going in Buffalo and let the Mets rough it out for a week or so with Carter and Jacobs.  At least, that's what I think at this point...

Back to the game...On the hill Figgy looked good, going three innings and only giving up three singles.  Along with Figgy, all of Valdez, Parnell, Takahashi and Feliciano, threw scoreless innings of work.  And the thing I think the Mets got most out of today was that Feliciano and Takahashi were able to work around walks and have fine outtings. 

The only damage done today against the Mets were in Mejia's two innings of work, in which he gave up two hits and three runs, although all runs were unearned.  The biggest reason for Mejia's line was a fly ball dropped by Pagan that allowed two runs to score with two outs in the inning, after Russ Adams had already committed an error earlier in the inning.  Mejia then walked the next batter after the Pagan drop, most likely due to him feeling like he needed to strike everyone out, or else he'd be on the mound forever.

Mejia looked fine today, from a stuff standpoint, but seemed to lose his cool a bit when errors were made behind him.  While I realize that even the best pitchers do that sometimes, it can definitely be seen as an example as to why this kid needs more seasoning in the minors.

Meanwhile, Jose Reyes was playing in another minor league game and went 1-5 with a double for the second straight day.  Once again my dad was using his handheld home video camera to get Reyes' at bats over at the minor league game.  There's nothing I like more than watching games through a chain-link fence.  I'm kidding, I know that field isn't set up for that, and that's probably the best they can do, but either way, it's funny to watch that on a cable network...

Anywho...More Mets action tomorrow at 12:10 against the Nationals on SNY...

Misch Clears Waiver, Goes to Buffalo

As I first heard on, it looks like Pat Misch has cleared waivers and will end up back with the Mets.

It's nice to have Misch back considering the current state of the Mets pitching staff in general, which is shaping up to be Santana, Feliciano, K-Rod and a bunch of question marks.  I'm sure Takahashi, Figueroa and Maine will be fine, but they are all question marks at the current time, along with the obvious question marks: Perez, Pelfrey, Igarashi, etc.

I like the idea of getting that depth back, as Misch could be an important for the Mets either as a spot starter or lefty out of the 'pen, should someone else falter early.

5 Days Until Opening Day, Your Cliche Slogan of the Day

It's almost here, I can almost taste it...another cliche slogan.

2010 New York Mets: Make Way for the Dark Horse

Heyman Discusses Top Stories of the Spring, Mets Included In a Positive Light

In a story for, Jon Heyman discusses the biggest stories this spring, which include Joe Mauer, Joe Nathan, Strasburg and others.  Heyman also includes a section on the Mets, and it's not negative.  The Mets get some credit under the section entitled, "the most underrated prospect group."

I think Mets fans know this, and have known this for a while that the minor league system was on an up-swing, but that we needed a prospect or two to show some serious potential to be taken seriously.  Well this spring, more than one or two prospects stepped up.  Heyman goes as far as saying, "The Mets' minor-league system looks a lot better now than most realized last year, when so-called experts rated it near the bottom." 

In this section Heyman points to five Mets prospects who have proven their worth this spring: Jon Niese, Ruben Tejada, Fernando Martinez, Ike Davis and Jenrry Mejia.  These guys have been fantastic this spring and have absolutely brought a credibility to a minor league system that has been crapped on for the last few seasons pretty consistently. 

The best part about this list, to me, is that it doesn't include my favorite prospects, Wilmer Flores and Juan Urbina.  Granted these two players are still very young and developing, should they blossom this season that would give the Mets 7 legitimate prospects.  That would make it likely that the minor league system would then have to be considered an above average farm system, at the least.  And that's ignoring prospects like Juerys Familia, Brad Holt and Reese Havens, just to name a few.

The Mets may be close to turning a corner for the future, so it's up to the organization to cultivate these guys for future success, and not deal them in a desperate effort to gain instant credibility. 

All-in-all, It's nice to see a positive story this spring surrounding the Mets, especially one that gives fans hope for the future...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rotation Rotated, Santos and F-Mart to Buffalo and Manny Acosta

 According to, as relayed from Marty Noble and Adam Rubin, the Mets have seemed to do a little rotation rotating, specifically involving Mike Pelfrey.  According to Noble, here, it looks like the Mets are planning on throwing Maine in game two of the regular season to be followed by Niese, then Pelfrey and Perez.  This is most likely a response to poor springs from Perez and Pelfrey.

Also in this article Michael Baron notes that both F-Mart and Santos were assigned to Triple-A, as was expected.

On another interesting note, Metsblog also says the Mets have jumped all over a talented arm being released today, when the Braves let Manny Acosta hit the waiver wire.  Acosta was in line to compete for the Braves closer position last season and the year before, until a combination of the emergence of Rafael Soriano, Mike Gonzalez, and his own fairly lackluster performance dropped him down.  With the Braves 'pen pretty much solid it seemed like Acosta, who has tons of talent, threw himself out of the running... 

Even so, I like this signing, because if this guy can live up to his talent level he can be very good for the Mets.  And to be honest, I'd be willing to bet this opening day Mets bullpen will change by the end of the first week at the latest.  I'm just not all that confident in it right now, and I don't think Calero has shown that he's the answer so far this spring.  You can never have enough arms...

Mets Lose to 'Birds 9-4

The Mets lost to the Cardinals today by the score of 9-4 (box score), but that wasn't the worst part.  In fact, today was so bad, I'm not sure I know what the worst part was...

As I mentioned in an earlier post both Murphy and Cora had to leave today's game with injuries, which was dissapointing for obvious reasons, along with Murphy being the only Met with multiple hits today.  Jason Bay did hit a homer to straight-away center, which was some nice news for the Mets.

Oliver Perez was hit hard by the Cardinals and finished throwing 2 innings and 1/3 giving up 7 runs, and 3 homers.  Igarashi and Calero also gave up runs, while only tossing an inning each.  The most impressive Mets pitcher in this game was K-Rod who had a nice ninth-inning to close the game out.  Probably the bright spot of the day...

In even more depressing news, Johan Santana gave up 7 runs in an inning against the Memphis Redbirds in minor league camp action.  But there was some good news when Jose Reyes got some action in the same game.  From the strange camera my father, I mean SNY, had stuck between the chain-linked fence you could watch  a bit of Reyes' at-bats.  Despite the camera angle being awful it wasn't a horrible experience, and was definitely worth seeing Reyes play a bit.

Overall, not a great day.  As Jim Leiland said, "In baseball, you're only as good as the next day's starting pitcher."  I say, good thing Ollie's not throwing tomorrow...

Beltran Likely to Return Sometime Between Early May and Early June

According to the New York Post, as reported from an interview by WFAN's Craig Carton with Omar Minaya, it seems as though the earliest the Mets can expect Carlos Beltran back will be May 8th.  Minaya said in his interview that Beltran cannot start running until April 10th, and that once he starts running, "it could be somewhere between 4, 6 to 8 weeks, in that range." That would put his return as early as May 8th but as late as possibly early June.

Minaya seems confident in the team's ability to perform without Beltran, saying, "I feel that with Gary Mathews and with Pagan we're covered there and we don't have to rush Carlos back...We want to get Carlos back but we don't want to feel like we have to rush him."

I'm in agreement not to rush Beltran, although with today's showings I'm much, much, more concerned with this team than I was yesterday.  It's hard to be a fan and think objectively when you saw what went on this afternoon.  Tough day...

Exciting Afternoon So Far

According to Metsblog, and my eyes, Murphy left today's game against the Cardinals after an apparent ankle injury...and Alex Cora left the game after being hit by a pitch...awesome.  Hope they're ok...

Pat Misch was put on waivers according to Rich Coutinho on twitter...Not so sure I understand this move because I think if the Mets are considering another lefty in Valdez, in order to allow Feliciano to be considered in the set-up role, why aren't they considering Misch instead...

Also of note so far today, both Perez and Santana got hit day so far.

Good thing the season doesn't start for another 6 days...

6 Days to Opening Day: Your Cliche of the Day

With only 6 days until opening day...

Your cliche of the day countdown to opening day continues with yet another Mets team slogan: 

Opening Day 2010: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Feliciano Finally Being Considered for Eighth Inning Role...IT'S ABOUT TIME!

According to Mike Puma of the New York Post, it seems as though someone in the Mets organization finally gets it.  It seems like there is a new entry in the set-up man sweepstakes for the Mets, and it's Pedro Feliciano.  I couldn't be happier about this idea, as I've been talking about this for quite some time.  In fact, I wrote about it here, here, here, here and touched on it slightly here...I think you get the point.

The knock on Feliciano seems to be his percieved lack of ability to ONLY get lefties out, but that's not true.  Granted Feliciano gets out lefties at a higher rate, that's because he's just awesome against lefties, and when you're percieved as a lefty specialist you don't exactly get the opportunities to prove yourself otherwise. Last season lefties hit .215 against Feliciano while righties hit .264.  Although the .264 isn't great it still should be good enough to ge the job done.

I'm loving this...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Mets Defeat Marlins 7-6 Behind Nice Days from Francouer, Murphy, Blanco

The Mets came to hit today, and defeated the Marlins 7-6 at Digital Domain Park (box score).  Francouer, Blanco, Murphy and Tejada all had multiple hits today for the Mets, with Francouer scoring three times and Blanco driving in two runs.  Also, Niese drove in two runs himself to help his own cause, while tossing 4 and 2/3 innings and giving up only 3 earned runs.

Also on the hill Feliciano threw another scoreless inning, along with Fernando Nieve who was used to close the game for the Mets.  It's looking more and more like Nieve and Feliciano will be the guys in the eighth for the Mets, especially considering the way Igarashi has been pitching as of late.  Both Parnell and Mejia gave up a run each in their innings of work.

Tomorrow at 1:10 on the MLB Network the Mets will face the Cardinals in their second-to-last game of the spring.  This game will be on tape delay, according to the Mets spring training calendar, here...

Coste Claimed By Nats, Santos Becomes Ultimate Back-Up

As reported by Brian Costa, on twitter, of the Nationals have claimed Chris Coste off of waivers.

So, it's safe to assume that Santos will be the back-up...the ultimate back-up.  Not only will Santos most likely be backing up Thole at Buffalo.  Now, it seems like if something happens to Barajas or Blanco, it's safe to assume Santos will be the first guy called up, especially if Barajas gets hurt.  If Barajas were to get hurt the Mets only option would be Santos based on prior experience and the fact that Thole isn't to be ready to be the starting catcher.

So, as much as I've been for dealing Santos, THAT CANNOT be an option right now...Because the Mets cannot afford to head into this season with Riggans second in line for that starter position....

Mets Nats Cancelled, Mets Marlins Still On

Here's the line-up for the game against the Marlins, according to

LF Angel Pagan
SS Alex Cora
3B David Wright
1B Daniel Murphy
RF Jeff Francoeur
CF Gary Matthews
C Henry Blanco
2B Ruben Tejada
SP Oliver Perez

Game is at 1 at Digital Domain Park...

Countdown to Opening Day (7 Days): Your Cliche of the Day

In honor of the Mets looking to rebound from last season, and Opening Day being only a week away, I will be revealing a-cliche-a-day slogan for the Mets in efforts to be positive about the upcoming season.

Today's cliche:


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bullpen Picture Starting to Clear Up

In an article for, Mets beat reporter, Marty Noble answers a bunch of questions about the Mets bullpen, bench situation, Mike Lowell and starters.

To me, the bullpen questions yielded the biggest information exchange in this article.  First Noble seems to think that Figueroa and Takahashi are in, while Parnell will probably go down to the minors.  Noble says, "My sense of it is Figueroa serves as the staff saver, Parnell goes to Triple-A to work on offspeed pitches. Takahashi serves as the other left-handed pitcher in the 'pen."

Noble also seems to think that Pat Misch will not make the team and the Mets will try to sneak him back under-the-radar.  Noble says, "The likely course of action will be to wait until the last moment to outright Misch in hopes that other clubs won't have room for him either. Then they can store him at Triple-A until a need develops."  Sounds like a good plan, and with Feliciano and Takahashi looking good, I don't know there is a need for a third lefty in the 'pen.

Also Rich Coutinho, on twitter, is saying that according to Adam Rubin, it is likely that Parnell and Green will both be sent down to start the season.  Well, it's nice to know competition ACTUALLY exists this spring and no one is getting grand-fathered in.  Parnell, I don't think was awful this spring, but Green was.  At the end of the day they both were out-performed and deserve to be sent to triple-A...

Pitching Gets Pounded as Mets Fall to Cards, 10-5

Mike Pelfrey gave up 12 hits, 6 runs and 3 homers today as the Mets lost the Cards 10-5 at Digital Domain Park (box score).  Pelfrey wasn't the only Mets pitcher who had a tough outting, in fact, the only pitchers to have a spotless performance today were Sean Green, (who pitched 1/3 of an inning), and Elmer Dessen threw the last inning.  The team as a whole gave up 19 hits today...

Igarashi gave up 3 runs in an inning of work, while Misch gave up one run in his own inning.  Some of the homers the Cardinals hit might have been wind-aided, but a majority were just crushed.

The only real bright spots today for the Mets were the play of Angel Pagan and Frank Catalanotto.  Pagan went 2-4 with 3 RBI, a run scored and a homer.  Catalanotto had a pinch-hit two-run homer in the eighth, which didn't do much but make the game seem closer than it was.

Not the type of performance you want to see 8 das before the season starts, but hey, it is still spring...
Just not for much longer...

While I Was Watching the NCAA Tourney...

I have, admittedly, been slacking over the last day or so, due to the NCAA tournament.  So here's my little up to speed on what I missed:

Mets lost the Nationals yesterday 7-5 despite the impossible being possible, and Luis Castillo hitting a home run.  Takahashi, Calero and Igarashi had some tough outtings. Check out the box score, here.

In an article for, here, Marty Noble says that despite his work Reyes still may not be ready for Opening Day.  Omar is quoted in the article probably saying the smartest thing I've heard from him ever, "We're not going to rush for the sake of one game...Having him play the whole [or the vast majority of the games] is the most important thing."  I'm on board.  If Reyes is missing a week to start the season I'll be ok with that, any longer I'd be concerned about what the hold up is...

Also, the Mets are facing the Cardinals currently on PIX 11.  Pelfrey so far has given up 5 runs and 3 homers.  Not a great outting so far from Pelfrey, but like Gary and Ron say, the wind is wild today.  Although Pujols and Ludwick hit homers that might have left Cowboy stadium...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Game On: Mets vs. Nationals on PIX 11

The Mets are currently facing the Nationals on PIX 11, with Takahashi on the hill for the Mets.  Here's the line-up according to Matt Cerrone of Metsblog:

SS Alex Cora
2B Luis Castillo
3B David Wright
1B Mike Jacobs
LF Jason Bay
CF Gary Matthews Jr.
RF Jeff Francoeur
C Omir Santos
LHP Hisanori Takahashi

Should be fun to watch Takahashi deal today.  And so far, he had a nice first inning...

Figgy Looks to be Bullpen Bound, Takahashi as well: Who's Left Out?

So according to Marty Noble on, here, it's starting to look like Nelson Figueroa will be on the Mets opening day roster, coming out of the bullpen.  Noble says, "Two people among the club's decision-makers indicated as much before the Mets engaged the Marlins here Friday, before Figueroa, deployed as a starter, provided the kind of performance that makes staff-savers necessary." 

So it looks like Figueroa was counted in, as long as his performance against the Marlins yesterday didn't kill his chances.  It's not easy to go into every outting thinking you need to be perfect, so maybe the Mets will cut Figgy some slack, for once, and give him what he's earned this spring, a spot pn the team. 

And according to David Waldstein, in this article on Hisanori Takahashi, here, it looks like he's in as well.  Waldstein says, "According to two people in baseball with knowledge of the Mets’ plans, Takahashi has made the team barring a disaster in Saturday’s start or some unforeseen trade. But he will almost certainly be a reliever when the team breaks camp, not a starter, because the team has all but named Jon Niese its No. 5 starter."

So there we have it.  Looks like Figgy and Takahashi are in, which makes it seem to me, that  at least one of Parnell, Green and Nieve are out.  Assume that K-Rod, Feliciano and Igarashi are locks.  Apparently Takahashi and Figgy are now in as well.  Add those 5 to the starters, and there are only potential two spots left on a 12 man staff.  That leaves Mejia, Misch, Green, Parnell, Calero and Nieve for two spots.  With the way Misch has been pitching and the idea that the Mets don't necessarily see Takahashi as a lefty specialist, that is an option.  Then there is Calero who's been pitching well, but not as much as Green, Nieve and Parnell.

So my prediction, should the Mets decided to carry 12 pitchers, is that Nieve and Misch will be in, while Calero gets more work in Florida and waits in the wings.  Green and Parnell will probably get sent down or traded.  While the Mets will do the right thing and Mejia will probably be sent down to be a starter at Binghamton.  So that would leave my projected bullpen as, Figgy, Feliciano, Igarashi, Takahashi, K-Rod, Misch and Nieve.  Thats a nice bunch of arms, but also a group of guys who are slightly out of place.  Outside of K-Rod, Feliciano and Igarashi the rest of that group is starters who couldn't cut it.  I'm slightly concerned about that.  But no one ever said you needed to be a reliever to be good at relief pitching.

I am still very intrigued with the potential of how this bullpen will shape up, especially with these reports that Takahashi and Figgy are probably included.  Those two guys have earned it, but the question remains, who else does the team think earned it this spring.  

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wright Goes Deep, Figgy Gets Bombed as Mets/Marlins Finish 8-8

Today the Mets tied the Marlins 8-8 in 10 innings today, thanks to the hitting of David Wright and Alex Cora, and the pitching of Nelson Figueroa (box score).

Wright went deep in the third, and finished the day 2-3 with 3 RBI and 2 runs scored, while Alex Cora went deep as well, while going 2-5 with an RBI and 2 runs scored.  Also adding to the Mets offensive power today were Pagan, Murphy, Francouer and Castillo, who all drove in runs as well.

As for on the hill, Nelson Figueroa might have lost his chance at the opening day roster, as slim as his chances were.  A guy like Figgy has everything going against him, and could not afford to do what he did today if he wanted to make the team.  Figgy went 2 and 2/3 innings giving up 7 runs on 8 hits.  On the brighter side, Jenrry Mejia threw 1 and 1/3 innings only giving up one run.  The rest of the Mets who pitched today Misch, Feliciano, Valdez and Nieve threw scoreless innings only allowing 5 hits combined over the final 6 innings.

Not a good day for Figgy.  It looks like the Mets are going to just have to hope he passes through waivers, one more time...

Solid Players Win Championships

While writing an earlier post today about Daniel Murphy, I got to thinking about how much "solid players" really make a difference in championship teams.  These are the guys who aren't always studs, or household names.  They aren't guys who teams pitch around, or guys who have huge contracts.  They are the guys who get the job done, sometimes with little fanfare, and really make a team successful.  These are the guys in 20 years, who will be hard to remember.  They are the guys you'll sit around with your friends and talk about trying to remember where they played.  They aren't your perrenial all-stars, home run kings or Cy Youngs, but they do not need to be obscure.

This is the type of player Daniel Murphy has a chance to be this year.  Murphy will probably not ever be a star in the league, but he can be a "solid" player.  If the Mets have a successful season it won't be because of Daniel Murphy, but if Daniel Murphy has a successful season there is a much better chance for the Mets to be successful.

So in thinking this, I decided to see who the "solid" players were on the last 10 World Champs.  All of these players had good seasons when their team won it.  Whether it was unexpected, out of character, or a rebound season, these players are arguably the ones that got their teams over the hump from good, to great.

- 2000 New York Yankees - Scott Brosius 

He hit .239 with 16 homers, 64 RBI, 57 runs scored, but always seemed to get the big hit, and played a very solid third base.  The guy wasn't a star in terms of stats, but you never wanted to face him in crunch time.  The 2000 Yankees were a great team, but Brosius really had a lot to do with that, in my opinion.  As a Yankee hater, I was ALWAYS hoping someone else would be up instead of this guy in clutch situations, but clutch found him, and he delivered...

- 2001 Arizona Diamondback - Reggie Sanders

Although Sanders had some monster years, and a great career, I found it too difficult to leave him off this list.  He hit 33 homers, drove in 90 runs while hitting .263 in 2001 for the D'backs.  A very good year by most standards, and seemingly he doesn't fit this "solid" player profile because of him having put up very good numbers both before and after this season.  However, the year before his season with Arizona he played poorly for the Braves.  Sanders was bad, only hitting 11 homers, driving in 37 RBI and hitting .232.  Also Sanders makes this list because of how many times his teams were playing in the world series.  He just always found a way to end up on a contending team...always.

- 2002 Anaheim Angels - Adam Kennedy

Kennedy was the starting second baseman on a good team, and put up good numbers.  He was far from a hole in the line-up hitting .312 with 7 homers, 52 RBI while scoring 65 runs.  A nice addition to a very good line-up.

- 2003 Florida Marlins - Juan Encarnacion

Could there be a player who fits the, "Do you remember him?" criteria more than this guy.  He's always been a good pro, but call me in 20 years when you're trying to figure out where he played over a beer at a barbeque.  He had a great year in Florida in 2003 hitting 19 homers, scoring 80 runs, while driving in 94 and hitting .270.  But was he the star?  Not on a team with Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell, Derek Lee, Castillo (before he stunk) and a 20 year-old-phenom Miguel Cabrera.  He just added to the whole...

- 2004 Red Sox - Mark Bellhorn

This is without a doubt my favorite player on the list.  He hit .264 with 17 homers, 82 RBI and scored 93 times for the World Champs.  Outside of his 2002 campaign with the Cubs where he hit 27 homers, he never got close to this kind of production again.  His next best season he hit 8 homers in 2006 with the Padres.  Let's see who remembers him in 10 years for reasons that don't involve a double ear-flapped helmet...

- 2005  White Sox - Tad Iguchi

In his first year in the bigs the Japanese import really added something to the Sox, hitting .278 with 15 homers, 71 RBI and 74 runs scored.  He still played second fiddle to Dye, Rowand and Konerko.

- 2006  St. Louis Cardinals - Chris Duncan

A monster year in only 90 games. 22 homers, 43 RBI, 60 runs scored, and hit .293.  He was the big bat around Pujols that the Cardinals needed...Now, he's fighting for a spot on the Nationals roster.

- 2007  Red Sox - Coco Crisp

He was the key piece to the Red Sox not named Ortiz, Youkilis, Ramirez or JD Drew.  Wow, that team was good.  Oh yeah, and Crisp hit .268 with 6 homers, 60 RBI, and 85 runs scored.  Nice little contribution to a team, despit eventually being replaced by Ellsbury in the playoffs...

- 2008 Phillies - Brad Lidge

Yes Lidge was awesome this year, and has been awesome in the past and since.  BUT...the year prior to 2008 he was a mess.  The Phillies took a chance on him and came out better for it.  In 2007 Lidge only saved 19 games with a 3.36 ERA with the Astros.  In 2008 he had 41 with an ERA of 1.95.  Turn around much?

- 2009 Yankees - Melky Cabrera

If you think this team was loaded you and should have won with all it's star power, you're right.  But even so getting 13 homers, 68 RBI, 66 runs scored and a .274 from basically your number nine hitter is pretty impressive.

The Point:

Every team needs support for their stars, and these are guys that did that for their teams.  I would argue that without these guys, with the exception maybe of Melky Cabrera, these teams might not have won without these guys.

So, the point is maybe it's the Mets turn, and maybe it's Murphy's turn...

If Murphy has a nice year for the Mets and the starting pitching turns it around, who knows, he could be that guy for the Mets.

Despite Weak Spring, Murphy's Ready To Go

In an article for the New York Post, Mike Puma credits Daniel Murphy's improved play in the field this spring, while questioning his abilities at the plate.  Puma points to Murphy's .162 average, and only two homers as a point of concern for the Mets, and wonders how long it will be until Ike Davis gets a call in Buffalo.

Despite the rough start in the spring at the plate Murphy isn't concerned saying, "These numbers don't go on the back of your baseball card -- this is to get ready for the season...Of course I would have liked to swung the bat better early, but I am starting to feel really good 1 ½ weeks before the season starts."  Murphy continued, "It's easier to feel good now than try to maintain it for an entire month, I think."  No argument here Murph.  I'd be fine with the entire team looking like crap during the spring if it meant a hot start to the season. 

The funniest part of this article to me, is the 180 we took from last year.  Last year the buzz out of spring training was how natural a hitter, Murphy was, and how hard he was working on his hitting.  This spring we're hearing all about how improved Murphy is in the field, working with Keith etc, and that his low power numbers are more of the Mets concern. 

True be told, I think we're realistically looking at something in between those two extremes.  Will Murphy win a gold glove?  Probably not.  Will he win a batting title or home run title?  Probably not.  But what he can be is a solid starter on a team who needs production out of people who aren't "stars."  And if he can maintain being a "solid" player, the Mets will most likely be in good shape this season...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mets Fall to Cards 2-1, Dynamic Line-Up Kept In Check By Carpenter

Today the Mets lost to the Cardinals 2-1 (box score) despite a good outting from John Maine, and probably the most potent line-up in recent Mets history.

Maine looked good today going 5 innings and only giving up 3 hits.  Unfortunately for Maine, and the Mets, two of those hits were solo homers, one by Brendan Ryan and the other by Pujols.  Outside of the homers, Maine looked good from what I saw, facing what looked like the Cardinals everyday line-up minus Molina.

Also pitching well today was, well, everyone else.  Only one other hit was given up when Maine left the game, and that was given up by Nieve.  Nieve and Calero both went an inning each, and Dessens and Felciano split the final innings, keeping the 'birds scoreless for the rest of the game.

At the plate, the Mets were luck to manage any offense off of Chris Carpenter with the lackluster line-up Jerry put out there today.  But they did manage 4 hits and a run, with the highlight being Frank Catalanotto driving in Tatis for the Mets only run with a double.  This hit was a big one for Catalanotto, showing that the final bench spot is still in play.  Also helping contribute to the final bench spot competition were Mike Jacobs and Chris Carter who both failed to get hits.  In-all-fairness Carter's only at bat was as a pinch hitter, while Jacobs got the start and went 0-3. 

More intrigue to come tomorrow, when...

The spring rages on tomorrow, with the Mets facing the Marlins at 1:05 pm in Jupiter...

Crasnick: Mets Season Lies in the Hands of Starters

In an article for Jerry Crasnick pins the Mets hopes for a rebound season on the rotation.  In this article Crasnick does a good job of taking a look at each member's spring and past performances and talks about their mindset and preparation heading into this season.  Also, Crasnick gets some great quotes out of Mike Pelfrey.  And, although this article isn't truly groundbreaking (everyone knows the Mets will only go as far as their starters let them), Crasnick does a great job of articulating exactly what ails each pitcher, from Maine's recovery from shoulder issues, to Pelfrey's performance, to Perez's knees and mind-set.

The most telling quote in the article comes from Pelfrey, who says, "Johan Santana is going to be Johan Santana. The guys vying for the fifth spot are going to be great fifth starters. The rest is on us three."  There is no disagreement here.  When your team's fifth starter is a prospect with a number two starter ceiling, and your ace is Johan Santana, you are most likely in good shape.  However, two-three and four in this rotation are scary.  They all have the potential of being scary good, or scary bad.  Last year happened to be scary bad, 2008 was a mix, and 2007 was scary good.  I expect more of a mix this season.

I was one of the people who thought the Mets should have upgraded the rotation this off-season, but not at the prices being thrown around.  Now, I'm pretty satisfied to take one more shot with Pelfrey-Perez and Maine, and if it doesn't work out, moves can be made.  But for now, I'll stay optimistic that Maine is healthy, Perez stopped being nuts, and Pelfrey will be dominant again...

With opening day less than two weeks out, at least we won't have to wait long to see...

Mets Face the Cardinals at 1pm, Here's your line-up

According to Brian Costa of the Newark Star-Ledger, here's your line-up for the Mets today against the Cardinals:

Jordanny Valdespin, 2b
Ruben Tejada, ss
Gary Matthews Jr., cf
Mike Jacobs, 1b
Fernando Tatis, 3b
Frank Catalanotto, lf
Henry Blanco, c
Fernando Martinez, rf
John Maine, sp

Maine will start out to be followed by Feliciano, Nieve, Calero, Dessens and Misch.

If that's not a line-up to fear...I don't know what is...

Oh, and Carpenter is throwing for the 'birds...yikes...

I'm glad this game WON'T be televised...


I'm a moron.  The game is on ESPN, thank you to "anonymous" for pointing that out.  Now I have to watch...

This WILL be despressing.

Jon Paul Morosi's Trades That Make Sense

In another fun interactive article for, Jon Paul Morosi talks about some end of spring trades that should happen because they just make too much sense.  In the article Morosi mentions one Mets player who should be dealt and one player the Mets should deal for...

Who Should Be Dealt:

Omir Santos.  Basically Morosi's argument is that Santos is expendable, and the Dodgers are hurting behind the plate with both Russell Martin and Brad Ausmus less than 100 percent.  Santos, if he isn't dealt will most likely be sent to triple-A where he will take innings away from Josh Thole and wait-in-the-wings should something happen to Barajas.  It seems to me that it would make sense to keep Santos around in terms of organizational depth in case Barajas does get hurt.  However, should Blanco get hurt, I would prefer to see Riggans or Coste brought up to back up Barajas.  The situation changes based on the injury.  So far, it seems like Thole would not be ready to take the starting reigns should Barajas go down right now, and if that did happen, Santos would be the best option to bring up and be the team's starter in Barajas' absence.

So while I was, and have been, a proponent of moving Santos, I am actually against it right now.  If only for what would happen if Barajas got hurt.  Because this spring proved me wrong, and now I see that Thole is not ready, and the Mets don't have other starting options...

Who The Mets Should Deal For:

Scott Downs. This guy is awesome.  This may be a fantasy bias talking here (had him last year and loved him), but his numbers last year (outside his injury) were very solid (3.09 ERA and 43 K's in 46 innings).  He's a good left-handed set-up man who can step in an close if need be.  The Mets currently could really use the set-up man, and another left-handed arm to save Feliciano's.  As Morosi says, "If he's around, maybe Pedro Feliciano (major-league-high 88 appearances last year) will be able to brush his teeth left-handed 10 years from now."  True that...

So, while I agree that the Mets could use Downs, and should get him if he's available, I'm a little afraid of dealing Santos.  That's mostly due to the obscene amount of  injuries the Mets had last season, and the fear that has implanted within me.

I'm just sayin'...

Does Jose Really Need to Manage His Basestealing?

In an interesting article for the New York Post, Kevin Kernan makes a corrolation between the numbers of based Reyes steals and his inconsistent production down the stretch.  Kernan maintains that if Reyes keeps his stolen bases total reasonable he's less likely to "burn out" towards the end of the season and struggle at the plate in September.

Kernan uses stats to back up his argument, saying, "when he stole a NL-leading 78 bases in 2007, he hit .205 for the month of September with a .279 on-base percentage."  Kernan continues, "The next season Reyes stole 56 bases and batted .243 in September with a .314 on-base percentage. Each season the Mets collapsed down the stretch."  It's hard to ague with either stat, especially considering how each of those seasons ended for the Mets.

But, does that mean Jose will need to tame his stolen base numbers?

Although, I definitely see a corrolation between running and expending energy, I just find it hard to believe that the extra 100 sprints he runs are responsible for his decline in September.  Maybe it's something else?  Maybe Reyes just hasn't proven to be a big time player in clutch situations?

Reyes is only a .250 career playoff hitter, combine that with his bad September numbers and maybe he's just not a clutch player.  Trust me, I'd rather the stolen bases be responsible for his late season decline, but in my mind a professional athlete of his build is in such good shape that an extra 100 90-foot-sprints won't be enough to push him over the edge.

Besides, even Kernan himself acknowledges that a lot of what makes Jose dangerous is his motor.  Kernan quotes Reyes regarding keeping his running under control, saying, "I’m going to be smarter about it...It’s something I’m trying to do. Sometimes it’s hard for me because I want to go, go, go."  And that "go, go, go" is what other teams are afraid of dealing with.  That's why Jose in the three-hole was a bad idea.  You change the dynamic of the team, by trying to change a dynamic player.  It's not like Jose is making bad decisions on stolen base attempts, for the most-part you hardly ever think Jose should have held when he goes.  Combine that with the way other teams are forced to pitch to a team with Jose Reyes on the bases, and you see where an added value comes in that putting the reigns on Reyes might diminish.

Regardless, a major league season is long and grueling, no doubt, but let's consider other options.  Let Jose play the way he wants to play.  Maybe Manuel should just give the guy a few more days off during the season, instead of changing the way one of the most dynamic players in the league approaches his game...I mean Alex Cora DOES get paid for a reason, right?

On the whole though, it's tough to disagree with Kernan in that the Mets and their fans would rather have late-season success than a 70-base stealer...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mets Drop Astros 5-2 Behind Murphy Bomb, Astros Errors

Thanks to Daniel Murphy's two hit day, including a two-run homer to take the lead in the 6th and some Astro errors, the Mets were able to defeat the Astros, at newly-named Digital Domain Park, 5-2 today (box score). 

Most important things of the day were Daniel Murphy's homer, Johan Santana starting to get comfortable, and Niese and K-Rod's outtings. 

Santana went 5 and 2/3 innings giving up 2 runs on 8 hits, and another home run.  I know that it's spring training and the wind has a tendency to influence what would normally be deep fly balls.  But I am getting a little concerned with Santana's propensity for giving up the long-ball so far this spring.  But, for the mostpart, I'm going to table that concern until I see it happen at CitiField.

As for Niese and K-Rod, both pitched very well today.  K-Rod pitched a 1-2-3 ninth, striking out all three batters he faced.  Meanwhile, Niese had a nice outting before that, going 2 innings and only giving up 2 hits.  It's nice to see some more positive things coming out of Niese, especially considering he seems likely to end up the teams fifth starter.

The Mets travel to Jupiter to take on the Cardinals tomorrow at 1...

Mets vs. Astros at 1 pm on SNY, Live From Digital Domain Park (RIP Tradition Field)

Game is on SNY at 1pm...

Here's the Mets line-up for today's game against the 'Stros, according to Matt Cerrone of Metsblog:

Angel Pagan CF
Luis Castillo 2B
David Wright 3B
Jason Bay LF
Daniel Murphy 1B
Jeff Francoeur RF
Alex Cora SS
Rod Barajas C
Johan Santana P

Johan on the hill to be followed by Niese, K-Rod, Misch, Green and Dessens.  

Matthews on the Block: Something To Do With Chris Carter? Beltran?

Joel Sherman in his blog for the New York Post mentions, among other things, the possibility of the Mets dealing Gary Matthews Jr.  In his post he specifically points out the Reds as a potential landing spot.  Sherman says, "Two major league officials told me the Mets are shopping Gary Matthews Jr., and the Reds could be a possibility."  Sherman cites Matthews redundancy once Beltran returns as the reasoning the Mets would be willing to deal him.  Sherman also speculates that the Mets could have good news on Beltran's rehab window, which is why they would be more inclined to ship Matthews out of town.

If this is true, it shouldn't be too hard for the Mets to move Matthews considering the starting outfield in Cincinnati (Drew Stubbs, Jay Bruce and Chris Dickerson) and the fact that the Mets are only on the hook for $1 million on Matthews.  With the salary not being a hindrance, and depth in the outfield being an area of need for the Reds, a potential match here seems pretty reasonable.  The question just becomes what the Mets would want back for him.  I wouldn't expect more than a marginal prospect.

The more important aspect to me, of this story is why the Mets would be willing to move Matthews now.  Maybe it is, like Sherman speculates, good news on the Beltran front.  Or maybe the team has finally come to it's senses and decided to try to make room on the roster for a hot hitting Chris Carter.  Although Carter probably isn't a realistic option in centerfield, he does provide outfield depth, and has been scorching the ball this spring.  Moreover, with Pagan seemingly entrenched as the Mets opening day center fielder, the team can afford to go without a back-up center fielder, knowing that if something should happen to Pagan, all they would have to do is call up F-Mart or Jesus Feliciano in a pinch.  I don't know that this is what the Mets are thinking, but I do know that dealing Matthews would open up another spot on the opening day roster, and would drastically increase the likelihood the Mets would take Chris Carter to New York for opening day...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

There Is No Argument: Lose the Metal Bats

As pointed out by Keith Law on twitter, here, as forwarded on through an ABC news affiliate in San Francisco, a 16 year old boy remains in a coma after being struck in the head with a ball hit by an aluminum bat.  In the article the author, Wayne Freedman, talks about both the safety and financial reasons why aluminum bats should be banned.  Although Freedman does a great job in this article, he's off on one point.  We don't need financial reasons to ban aluminum bats, safety should be enough on it's own...

I've played baseball most of my life with aluminum baseball bats, up until college, when I began playing (pitching) in a semi-pro league which uses only wood bats, and actually goes as far as to ban composite wood bats.  Through this experience I've learned one thing, using aluminum bats are crazy.  They are crazy for the pitcher, first baseman, third basemen, fane, any level.  I personally have been hit with my share of come backers off of both aluminum and wooden bats, and it's scary and dangerous.  Aluminum bats cause serious damage, like they have to this boy in San Francisco, and there is no good reason for this to continue...

So, why use them?

I think we as a baseball culture, should be willing to lose some home runs and lucrative sponsorship money (collegiate bat deals etc), for the sake of the safety of the players. And this should be true at all levels of ball players, even little leaguers.  If we start kids playing with wood at a young age, not only will it help keep players safe, but if will also allow for them develop more as players. 

We are in an age when athletes are bigger and stronger than they have ever been.  It's for that reason, along with common sense, that we need to do what's right and protect our athletes, and most importantly our children.  Because at the end of the day, I think everyone would prefer less homers on the high school and collegiate level, if it meant keeping student athletes on the field and in the classroom.

Jerry Sees the Light Says Reyes Will Probably Lead Off, Tradition Field Re-Named

According to Brian Costa of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that Jerry Manuel has finally come to his senses and said that when Reyes is ready to play again, it'll be as a lead-off hitter.  According to the article Jerry sees less of a point trying to make Jose comfortable in the three-hole now that they likely won't have enough time in spring training to adequately do that...

Costa quotes Manuel as saying, "I would probably see him getting a sense of comfort back in the leadoff spot right now...Now you know me, I’ll change now. I’ll change on you now."  Well thanks for that Jerry.  At least he's making the right move, I just don't know (or care) that it's for the wrong reason.

As far as Jose's status for opening day Jerry is being smart on that front saying, "Opening day lineups, those type of things, we cannot get caught up into that. We have to do what’s right by him."  As much as the fanbase may want Jose out there opening day, it's not worth rushing him and risking an injury to get him out there for one game, when there are 161 games still left.  Realistically, I would expect Jose back after two weeks of the regular season.  That would give him about a month or so to get into playing shape, and sharpen his tools back to where they were before he got planted on the couch for two weeks.

Also in this article, Costa points out that Tradition Field has been re-named Digital Domain Park, after the Mets agreed to a sponsorship deal with Digital Domain, a production studio.  CitiField, which although in actually is a sponsorship situation, doesn't sound as bad as this one.  Digital Domain Park is pretty lame if you ask me...

Francouer Goes Deep, Ollie Shows Something, As Mets Down Braves 7-6

Today the Mets defeated the Braves 7-6 (box score) at Tradition Field.

Ollie Perez got himself into some trouble in the first and then seemed to recover, finishing 4 and 1/3 innings with 3 runs allowed on 5 hits and 4 walks.  Although the walks and hits were high today, Perez didn't implode like we've seen him do in the past.  This was by no means a good performance from Perez, but, if this is him at his worst this season, that would be a great improvement over last season.  It'd be nice to know that everytime something bad goes wrong for him Ollie won't go directly into the toilet.  That is an improvement...

As for the rest of the staff today, Mejia and Igarashi were solid, while Green and Parnell struggled again.  It's becoming more and more clear to me that this bullpen should include Takahashi and Figueroa, and the Mets should deal Green, and put Parnell in the minors to start the season.  Neither Green nor Parnell are throwing well, and combined with Figgy and Takahashi throwing lights out this spring...I think the answer is obvious.  Also, that would allow Mejia to go to Binghamton and learn to be the top-of-the-rotation guy the Mets needs more than an eighth inning guy...

At the plate, Francouer went 1-2 with two runs scored and an RBI, while Wright and Castillo stole bases (one for Wright, two for Castillo - even though he got a favorable call on one).  Murphy threw up another goose egg, while Jacobs had a two-RBI hit...Interesting...

Overall it was more a bad day in the field for the Braves than a good day at the plate for the Mets who scored two runs on an errand pick off at third, which scored Castillo and Wright (on an excellent hustle play).  And an RBI hit by Bay, which should have been fielded by Yunel Escobar.

Regardless, wins build confidence, and by all accounts this was a win...

Lennon Says Reyes to Return To Baseball Tomorrow

So in a bit of good luck for the Mets it looks like Jose Reyes will be back to getting in shape tomorrow, according to David Lennon on twitter.

This is without a doubt the best news Mets fans have gotten in awhile.  While Omar apparently will not rule out Jose for Opening Day, I wouldn't bet on him being there.  Although my guess is it'll be a week or so before he gets into a game situaion, I just don't know if that's enough time for Reyes to be ready for opening day.  But, here's to hoping...

Here's the Line-Up for Today...

According to Matt Cerrone and Metsblog:

Alex Cora SS
Luis Castillo 2B
David Wright 3B
Jason Bay LF
Daniel Murphy 1B
Jeff Francoeur RF
Gary Matthews Jr. CF
Rod Barajas C
Oliver Perez P

It's a potential "regular" line-up until Reyes and Beltran return.  Also we should see some of Green, Mejia, Parnell, Misch and Igarashi come out of the 'pen today. 

Hope you're watching...I will be...

Mets Face Braves on ESPN/SNY Today at 1pm

Oliver Perez will face Tommy Hanson in a game at 1 pm at Tradition field, which will be shown on both SNY and ESPN (according to, although I'm sure some sort of blackout rule will keep you from seeing both feeds.  Regardless, tune in to see the Mets and Braves today, and see if Ollie can keep up the good work, because, as of right now, he's the Mets second best starter...

Line-up to come...

Dream Over for Ike, For Now

In what can only be described as expected, Mets prospect Ike Davis has been sent down to minor league camp, according to Metsblog who relayed the information from David Lennon on twitter.  Some other names that were sent down today include Jason Pridie, Nick Evans and Sean Riggans, among others...

This was great to see Ike play, and play well, but the kid definitely could use some more experience, especially in the field, before the Mets should hand over the starting first base reigns to him.  He had an outstanding spring at the plate and if nothing else, it increased his stock both around the league and among the fans.

Great job by the Mets to identify that he still needs time to grow.  Now if only they could do the same with Mejia...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pelfrey Gets Knocked, Carter Goes 3-5, As Mets Fall to Nats

The Mets lost to the Nationals today 7-5 (box score), after Mike Pelfrey gave up 5 earned runs, 4 homers, in 4 and 2/3 innings pitched. 

On the positive side Chris Carter went 3-5 in today's game raising his average to .444 this spring.  The only other person who hit today was Henry Blanco who went 2-3 with an RBI and a run.

At this point Carter's got to be getting serious consideration for the opening day roster.  His only other competition, Catalanotto (.100 avg) and Jacobs ( .174 avg) aren't even hitting close to what Carter  is (.444 avg) if you add their respective averages together.  Now that's as much a commentary on their poor starts as it is on Carter's hot start, but either way, COME ON.  Give the kid a break, what else does he have to do to get considered around here...

As for Pelfrey's putting up another poor start, I'm starting to wonder what most others are...Why didn't we upgrade our rotation again this off-season? 

Home Run Derby To Be in 3-D

According to Maury Brown at, the 2010 Home Run Derby will be available in stunning...3-D...

In the post, Maury Brown quote Chris Tully, the MLB Senior VP of Broadcasting as saying, "We are always looking for ways to augment the viewing experience for fans watching MLB telecasts...The State Farm Home Run Derby is a unique event for a 3D telecast since it has all of the prestige of an MLB Jewel Event and the event’s format allows for more creativity in how it is shot for television.”

Okay, first off, let me say I work in television, and I think that the transition from standard definition to HD was an absolute MUST, and now I actually can't watch anything that isn't in HD...It's made me a snob...

BUT, I am not totally on board with the 3-D stuff just yet.  To me, 3-D is more of a BS gadget people use to make something that's not as interesting, more interesting (Night at the Museum, Muppets at Disneyland, Avatar, etc.).  And although I do recognize that this is supposed to be the wave of the future in television, the alleged "next frontier", I just don't think it's as needed or as practical as HD.  Mostly because it requires fans to leave their homes, or buy an absurdly expensive 3-D tv, which isn't practical at this point in time. 

In general. I probably shouldn't judge until I watch a sporting event in 3-D, BUT, I just don't see how this will enhance the fans experience.  In fact, I think fans will find it more confusing than anything else. 

But, who knows, maybe I will give it a chance this summer and see what all the hub-bub is about.  And if you're into it, I would suggest you find a way to see the HRD in 3-D, as well...

Mets/Nats in Viera at 1 pm

According to Matt Cerrone of Metsblog, here's the line-up for the Mets today against the Nats...

CF Angel Pagan
SS Ruben Tejada
1B Chris Carter
RF Jeff Francoeur
LF Frank Catalanotto
3B Fernando Tatis
2B Russ Adams
C Henry Blanco
RHP Mike Pelfrey

Pelfrey will be starting, to be followed by Mejia, Green, Parnell and Igarashi (not necessarily in that order).

It'll be interesting to see how Carter and Catalanotto play as the last bench spot competition heats up.  Also, it'll be nice to see if Tatis can do anything this spring at the plate...Oh, yeah and Pelfrey needs some confidence from a good outing. Some interesting stuff today...

Carter, Figueroa: Opening Day Roster Hopefuls Worth Rooting For

In two separate articles for The Record, Steve Popper identifies two Mets who have been outplaying their competition but still manage to be on the outside looking in at a spot on the opening day roster, Chris Carter and Nelson Figueroa.

In this article, Popper talks about Carter's attitude towards having a second chance at the bigs after last year's quick stint with the Red Sox, and the dissapointment of being blocked by the Yankees on waivers after the Wagner deal last summer.  Popper quotes Carter as saying, "You get one chance sometimes...You have to take it."  So far this spring Carter has taken it, "Entering Sunday's B-squad game with a .385 average and three home runs, Carter went 3-for-3." 

To me, it would seem like a no-brainer to keep Carter over Jacobs, who has struggled at the plate and is less versatile in the field than Carter, if Murphy was having a better spring.  But the reality is that Murphy is struggling and the Mets seem more willing to enter the season with a more established player (Jacobs) ready to take over should Murphy struggle, than they are going into the season with Murphy, Carter and Tatis jockeying for playing time.  Although I don't disagree with this logic, I don't completely buy into it either.  The team has spent all spring saying Murphy is the starter and that the bench competition is just that, an open competition, but as the spring wears on and Murphy remains inconsistent it seems more and more like they had a plan from the start and it doesn't involve Murphy or Carter...

In the other article I spoke about earlier Popper discusses Nelson Figueroa and his circumstances surrounding a potential opening day roster spot.  Popper says that despite his scoreless line this spring that Figueroa's shot at making the Mets is not a good one, based on the other talent and numbers around him...

Popper quotes Figueroa as saying, "You wonder, who's the one that's holding you back; whose eyes aren't open...I think the staff who saw me day in and day out last year, they believe enough in me that I was kept on the roster, and you hope it's for a reason other than keeping me from going anywhere else." 

Figgy deserves to make this team, but at the same time I don't see where he fits in.  Personally, I think Niese is having a little more trouble this spring than I hoped he would, as is Nieve, while Takahashi has been much better than advertised and Sean Green and Parnell have struggled.  So, what do you do?

The answer SHOULD be to carry Figgy as a long-reliever, Takahashi as the lefty-specialist (despite his dominating performances) and use Nieve in the 'pen, while Niese gets the number 5 starter gig to start the season and Green and Parnell (who have options) work out their problems in the minors, or get dealt.  Green I think has lost whatever he had in Seattle, and should be dealt, while it seems more likely to me that Parnell just needs more time to develop. 

But that's probably NOT what the Mets will do.  They'll probably make Niese the fifth starter, keep Nieve, Green and Parnell in the 'pen and send Takahashi to the minors along with Figgy, as an attempt to keep all of these arms.  Bad idea, because this time, I'm not so confident Figgy will clear waivers.  Which is something he would have to do to come back to the Mets. 

All-in-all I think Figueroa has the right outlook on things, as Popper quotes Figgy as saying, "It's very hard for there to be room on opening day."  I think both these players know that, and when given their opportunities will do their best to stay there, unfortunately for Figgy, he's had opportunities and produced, and it hasn't mattered. 

Regardless, as the final push towards opening day is happening and the rosters shrink, answers will be had, and mistakes made.  Unfortunately, I think the Mets will be making two mistakes this spring, leaving both Carter and Figueroa off thier opening day roster...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Small Step For Mau, 184 Million For Twins' Kind

For  a guy who sounds like he never wanted to leave Minnesota, he certainly didn't get paid like it...

According to Buster Olney at Joe Mauer has signed an $184 Million deal with Minnesota to remain a Twinkie through his 34th birthday.  Along with one of the three richest contracts of all-time, Mauer will also recieve a full no-trade-clause and the hearts of millions (of Minnesotans).

Although, as Olney points out in his article, Mauer would have been the most wanted free agent on the market in years, it doesn't look like the Twins got that MUCH of a hometown discount from the MVP and gold glove winner.  HOWEVER, I do understand that if he hit the free agent market he probably would have gotten more from one of the larger market teams.  So the Twins did the right thing...

In general, I find this a huge win for baseball as a whole.  It's about a top-flight player not leaving where he developed, even if it is a smaller market (compared to NY and Boston).  It's a key to slowly inching back toward something baseball has long since forgotten, parity.  It's moves like this that will allow baseball to inch towards where Football is, not absurd money based divisions that Selig is looking into (here).

As a Mets fan I would have loved to had a chance to sign Mauer, but as a fan of baseball I'm glad the Mets won't have that opportunity.  In all honesty, I'm tired of seeing the Pirates stink, or a perfect storm need to occur for the Rays to compete.  I want to see different cities have top players and build teams around them.  And although, I admit it's not going to happen because of this signing, it is nice to see an organization which has been accused of being cheap, take a step in that direction...

Mets beat Wolverines 8-1, Rained Out Against Astros

An article for the Newark Star-Ledges recaps Mets action today, here.  The Mets team that traveled to Kissimee to play the Astros didn't get much game in before the rain claimed the day.  Sounds like this game will not be re-played, and that's fine.

As for the half that did play against the University of Michigan, Chris Carter and Figgy ruled the day.  Figgy went three innings giving up only one run, while Carter went three-for-three this afternoon.  Also of note, Henry Blanco and Alejandro Machado drove in two runs each.

Mostly, I'm just impressed with Chris Carter here, although there is the argument that they played a college team...

So I'm mostly indifferent on today...

Mets Apparently Still Interested in Lowell, Bad News for Murphy, And I'm Confused

According to Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune, the Mets, Marlins, Brewers and Twins are still scouting Mike Lowell.  A scout told the Boston Globe about Mike Lowell, "He can still really hit, he can play first and can probably go to third once in a while. If the Sox pay most of the $12 million, this guy is a valuable asset to any team,'' a scout told the Boston Globe." 

 My reaction to this is two-fold.  First off, I like that the Mets are interested in him, because like the scout said, this guy can hit, and despite getting older, is also a great fielder.  Yes, I know his first base experience is limited, but to me if you can field at third you can handle first.  I also wish the Mets would have considered moving on this at a time when Luis Castillo could have been part of the deal, like, I don't know...DURING THE WINTER MEETINGS.  Overall, unless the Sox are willing to pick up a bunch of Lowell's salary this would be another head scratcher for the Mets.  It would be just like when they added Matthews Jr., because it would create depth where they wouldn't necessarily need it...

Which leads into my question, Are the Mets BS-ing Murphy?  Is Murphy really getting a chance to be the first baseman here?  This spring we've been hearing about how great Ike Davis will be, which I agree with, and how valuable Mike Jacobs will be on the bench and potentially as a fill-in for Murphy.  And now we're re-visiting Mike Lowell.  I'm not seeing a real commitment on the Mets part to see if they can develop Murphy, here.  I don't get it.

While I like the way the Mets are keeping their options open, and think Lowell, at the right price, would be a nice addition to this Mets team...I'm annoyed.

If this proves to be true, I won't believe a word of what this organization says anymore.  They say one thing and do another, it's tough to see, and even tougher to follow...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Twinks Down Mets, Santana

The Mets fell to the Twins this afternoon at Tradition Field 7-3 and it wasn't pretty (box score)...

Johan Santana got hit again...hard.  Santana 3 and 1/3 innings while giving up 9 hits, 5 runs, and two homers.  That's not a good line at all.  Then Sean Green came in and gave up a run of his own in 2/3 of an inning on 2 hits.  As for the rest of the pitchers, Misch and Parnell worked two scoreless a piece, while Mejia gave up a run in his only inning of work.

At the plate Omir Santos went deep and Tejada drove in a run while going 2-5 on the day.

Overall this wasn't a good day for the Mets.  Sean Green has got to go.  He's proving that whatever he did in Seattle two years ago was the fluke. 

And although I'm not concerned...yet...if Santana throws another dud his next time out I'l start getting worried.  Could be bad...

Starting Line-Up For Today Against the Twins

Game's on at 1pm on SNY...

According to Matt Cerrone of Metsblog, here's the line-up for today's game:

CF Fernando Martinez
SS Ruben Tejada
3B David Wright
LF Jason Bay
1B Daniel Murphy
RF Jeff Francoeur
2B Russ Adams
C Omir Santos
LHP Johan Santana

Not the greatest line-up, but should be fun to watch Santana, Bay, Wright, F-Mart, Murphy and Francouer...

After Santana, the Mets have Green, Parnell, Misch, Feliciano (probably not) and the kid (Mejia) ready to throw...

Should be a fun game to watch, while switching in and out of NCAA games...

Adam Rubin Breaksdown Mets Roster, My Heart

Adam Rubin does a roster analysis of the Mets Opening Day squad as it stands today on his blog for the Daily News, here...

I think the most interesting thing Rubin says is about the bullpen and Sean Green and Bobby Parnell.  Rubin thinks they are in jeopardy of not being part of the 'pen opening day.  If this were to be the case I would be proud of this organization for once.  The Mets have a tendency to hold on to certain ideas a little too long, and if Green and Parnell aren't producing, they shouldn't be part of the 'pen, especially with the way Figueroa, Takahashi, Igarashi and even Calero and Nieve has been pitching.  I know Calero has only thrown once, but if he keeps it up, it's going to get harder and harder for Green and Parnell to make the opening day roster.

As for Rubin breaking my heart...

He says, "That leaves the last bench spot, which I believe is headed in Mike Jacobs' favor. The primary alternative is Frank Catalanotto, with Chris Carter likely ticketed for the Triple-A outfield with Fernando Martinez, Jason Pridie, Nick Evans and Jesus Feliciano."

I just don't get why Carter is getting the shaft here.  If he's hitting better than Jacobs, can play more positions at a similar level, bats left-handed, and has power...why can't he make the team?  The only reason I can think of can be drawn out of something Rubin says later in his post, "Look for Jacobs to even potentially chip away at Daniel Murphy's playing time as the season progresses, assuming Jacobs makes the club."  Rubin continues, "Manuel has been testing a 3-4-5 order of Wright-Jacobs-Jason Bay. Let's say the manager goes to that lineup the first Saturday of the season and rests Murphy, and Jacobs goes 3-for-4 with a homer. Manuel would go back to that lineup again quickly."

So I think I've figured it out.  The Mets have no confidence in Murphy... That's the only reason that Carter won't make this team, because they need a bench player who they feel can start at first if Murphy struggles.  And I don't think it takes much for Murphy to see that.  Putting that kind of pressure on Murphy might not prove to be beneficial to his development, or the teams. 

Either way, in this article Rubin puts out some interesting situations to watch out for...

Mets Win 5-2, Johan Starts Against Former Team at 1 pm

Due to the NCAA tournament, I was slightly pre-occupied last night.  Sorry...

Anyway, Last night the Mets beat the Marlins 5-2 (box score) on the strength of homers from Jeff Francouer and Jason Bay.  Both players hit two-run jobs, as Bay's gave the Mets the lead in the seventh inning after Francouer's tied it in the fifth.

On the hill,  Perez worked himself out of a bunch of trouble, and finished up working 4 innings giving up 6 hits, 2 runs and struck out two.  Not a great performance, but it's encouraging that he didn't unravel like he usually does.  Maybe he got a little headstrong this offseason.

Also, Igarashi, Felciano, K-Rod and Takahashi combined to keep the Marlins off the board for the rest of the game, although some more quietly than others.

As for today...

Johan Santana is starting against his former team at 1 pm on SNY...

Line-up to come...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Mets are Facing the Marlins at 7pm Tonight...

Here's your line-up courtesy of Metsblog, and Matt Cerrone:

CF Angel Pagan
2B Luis Castillo
3B David Wright
1B Mike Jacobs
LF Jason Bay
RF Jeff Francoeur
SS Alex Cora
C Henry Blanco
SP Oliver Perez

Perez starts on the hill to be followed by Feliciano, Takahashi, Igarashi, K-Rod and Misch (not necessarily in that order).

This is a close as it gets to the opening day line-up, excluding a DH, and including the spring debut of Oliver Perez at the plate...oh, boy.  Also keep an eye on the pitching as the bullpen battle continues, with candidates Takahashi, Igarahi and Misch potentially throwing.

Should be fun.  Wish it were on tv...

Cameron Not Impressed by Mejia, I've Never Been Impressed by Cameron

Despite facing only three batters yesterday and getting them all out in order against the Red Sox, Mejia didn't wow a certain veteran, according to Mark Hale of the New York Post.  Mike Cameron is quoted as saying, "He’s all right...I thought it wasn’t anything that was kind of a ooh-wow or anything."  Then Cameron goes on to say, "I think he could be a real [good setup] guy. But for the most part, it looked like he had pretty good velocity. It wasn’t anything overpowering or anything.

The only other comment from a member of the Red Sox came from Scutaro, who was much more specific on his commentary.  Scutaro said, "I think he has a good arm...He had some late movement."  This is something we've been hearing about Mejia all spring, and Cameron even said the same in the article.  So I guess if two Sox thought he has some nice movement, it's probably true...

Jerry Manuel on the otherhand, has spent most of the spring being impressed, saying of Mejia, "Very, very encouraging to see a young pitcher that has struggled with command and control come into big-league camp and throw the amount of strikes that he’s thrown...That’s impressive."

As far as Mike Cameron is concerned, I can't tell if he was protecting his ego in his comments or being honest.  So, I'm not taking what he says too much to heart here.  I mean, the kid got you out.  You may not have been "wowed" by him, but he got the job done against you, right?  Honestly, I have never been "wowed" by Cameron's innate ability to strike out, either, so I guess we're even then...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pelfrey Throws Well, F-Mart Homers as Mets Down Sox 4-2

Earlier today, the Mets defeated the Red Sox 4-2 (box score) in Fort Meyers on the strength of a three-run eighth innning homer off of the bat of Fernando Martinez.

Mike Pelfrey threw four solid innings, giving up only one run on 4 hits.  Pelfrey also struck out two.  After Pelfrey, Mejia, Calero and Dessens threw three consecutive perfect innings.  It was a nice day on the hill for the Mets.

At the plate Fernando Martinez was the hero with his three run homer in the eighth that put the Mets up for good.  Also driving in a run was Daniel Murphy, on a sac fly.

The only negative to take from this game was that Ruben Tejada made his third error of the spring.  I like him, and wouldn rather him start at short over Cora, but not if he's going to be making tons of errors.  I like Tejada's upside at the plate over Cora's, but not if it means a decline in defense.

Obviously, this is a wait and see approach on Tejada.  But at the least today was a good day for the pitchers, especially Calero who will need to toss a few more games like this to put his hat in the ring as set-up man for this team...

Mets in Fort Meyers to Face the Red Sox, Pelfrey, Mejia and Calero to Throw

Here's the deal for the Mets game today in Fort Meyers against the Red Sox, as reported by Michael Baron of Metsblog:

Angel Pagan, CF
Alex Cora, SS
Gary Matthews Jr., RF
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Fernando Tatis, 3B
Frank Catalanotto, DH
Omir Santos, C
Fernando Martinez, LF
Ruben Tejada, 2B

Pelfrey, Calero, Parnell, Mejia and Stoner are some interesting names scheduled to throw today.  I think most people will be interested in how Calero, Pelfrey and Mejia toss today.  Also, I'd like to see Murphy, F-Mart and Pagan keep a little momentum going at the plate...

Ringolsby's 10 Key Players For Contenders, No Mets Listed...Don't Sleep on the Mets

 In a fun little interactive article for, Tracy Ringolsby identifies 10 players who are key to their teams chances to win the World Series.  Ringolsby identies Joba Chamberlain (Yankees), Ian Stewart (Colorado), Chad Billingsley (Dodgers), Brad Lidge (Phillies), Chipper Jones (Braves), Brandon Wood (Anaheim), Alex Rios (White Sox), Brad Penny (Cardinals), Marco Scutaro (Red Sox) and Rafael Soriano (Rays) as the key players for his 10 world series contenders.  The only really blatant inaccuracy with the article is that while Chipper Jones is written about, the corresponding photo is actually of Nate McClouth.

Regardless, I'm here to talk about this: No Mets are listed here.  Which if you put two and two together means that Ringolsby doesn't think the Mets can contend this season.  I'd like to say I disagree, but I don't...not completely.  I firmly believe no one expects the Mets to do anything this year, including a lot of the fan base.  And although I agree with Ringolsby that they shouldn't be listed higher than any of the teams he listed as the top 10 contenders, I think this Mets team is dangerous.  And I think the league as a whole knows it...

I think the Mets are in prime position to do this year, what the Cardinals did after the 2007 season.  In 2007 the Cardinals went 78-84, mostly due to injuries and a not-so-hot pitching staff.  Outside of Pujols, at 158 games played, the next most games played by a Cardinal that season was by Aaron Miles at 133 games...yikes.  Also, Chris Carpenter made only one start that season, and Kip Wells and Anthony Reyes were their number 3 and 4 starters...Starting to sound familiar?

In 2008 the Cardinals were able to improve largely on their record and went 86-76.  Which, due to some ridiculous records in the NL Central that year landed them in 4th place 11.5 games out of first.  In 2009 the Cardinals got completely healthy, and some production from young players (Rasmus especially) and went 91-71, winning the NL Central by 7.5 games over the Cubs. 

My point here is this, after 2007 no one thought the Cardinals were any good, and then they put together a pretty good season in 2008 (Which, by the way a 86-76 record in 2009, what the Cardinals finished with in 2008, is exactly the record the Braves finished with last year and had them in the wild card discussion in September). 

If the Mets can turn it around like the 2008 Cardinals did, at least there'd be some hope at the trade deadline, and this year I don't think Omar would sit on his hands, especially considering the free agents that are scheduled to find the market next winter.

I'm not saying the Mets should be on that list of contenders, but I am saying the rest of the major leagues shouldn't sleep on them this year.  The same way they shouldn't have slept on the Cardinals in 2008 and 2009, because as good as the Cardinals were last year, no one expected them to win the division.  The Cubs were the team to beat.  Maybe the Mets can get healthy and turn it around, maybe they won't, but I have to admit I like the role they are in, not expected to contend, and the only way to go is up...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mets Looking At SS Options?

According to Rich Coutinho on twitter, as relayed by Michael Baron on Metsblog, the Mets may be sniffing around other shortstop options.  Coutinho points to Cristian Guzman of the Washington Nationals as a name that has been discussed. 

Guzman seems to be more and more expendable as the spring moves on and Ian Desmond proves that he belongs on the Nationals opening day roster, and as their starting shortstop.  The signing of Adam Kennedey at second base and the existance of Alberto Gonzalez on the roster, makes someone expendable.  So, it's not surprising that Cristian Guzman, would be the odd man out.

As for the Mets obtaining another infielder, I see this as a potential by-product of two things.  One option is that the Mets are willing to do what they did with Matthews, and just obtain another starting player to fill-in until Reyes is healthy, and will deal with the glut of players later.  The other option is that maybe the Orioles potential interest in obtaining another second baseman has somehow led them to Luis Castillo.  I find it funny writing that last line, especially considering what I learned from Brian Costa, and his assessment that a trade of Castillo is almost impossible.  Regardless, it may be far-fetched, but it's not impossible.  Or I should put the optimism aside and know that it's more likely that the Mets are just willing to play the hot hand at short, and then try to deal the most valuable piece (not Reyes) at a later time.

Either way, this is some interesting stuff, and well worth keeping an eye on...

Rosenthal is Right: The Mets Shouldn't Rush Mejia

In an article for, Ken Rosenthal asks what the Mets could screw up next, and then answers, Jenrry Mejia.  Rosenthal says, "He went winless in 10 starts at Double A last season, struggled in the Arizona Fall League. Yet there is growing sentiment within the Mets’ organization that Mejia should make the team as a reliever, maybe even as Frankie Rodriguez’s setup man."  Then Rosenthal goes on to say that Mejia draws comparisons to Mariano Rivera and acknowledges that Mejia "actually might be that good."

Rosenthal says of Mejia, "The Mets currently project Mejia to be in their Double A rotation -- he had a 4.47 ERA at that level last season, pitching for a poor club..."  I think this is the right plan of action here, especially considering that he put up a 4.47 ERA as a 19 year old.  Rosenthal is dead on, and I've been saying this for some time now, there is no reason to rush Mejia.  I can only hope that Manuel doesn't use Mejia to bail himself out of trouble, should the Mets get off to a poor start.

This kid doesn't just look good, he looks great, and there's nothing more exciting to a Mets fan than potentially having another Doc Gooden on our hands.  As much as I like the idea of the Mets having a Mariano Rivera, I think I'd rather have a dominant starter than a dominant reliever because starters have more of an impact on any given game, based solely on the amount of time they spend on the mound.

Rosental has some great quotes about Mejia later in the article from other members of the Mets.  David Wright said of Mejia, "One of the great things about him is that he’s so level-headed. He’s not buying into all this hype around he’s reading about himself. He still comes in, works his tail off."  And Warthen said of Mejia, "This kid is not afraid. He believes the last two years he was cheated out of major-league time."

I think both of these quotes are telling of the type of player Mejia is.  Mejia has great stuff and can be dominant, this we've seen.  But what the fans haven't seen, and can only know from insiders, is the type of work ethic he has.  That Wright acknowledges how hard he works, and Warthen sees a chip on his shoulder shows me the type of player he is and the character this kid has.  Putting him in Binghamton is the best move, and will do nothing but make him want to work harder.

Overall, I wish the Mets would do what the Rangers did last year with Neftali Feliz.  Let him be a starter in the minors and then at the end of the season, bring him up to get a taste of the majors.  If you do this, he can keep his innings down for the year, while still getting experience on the major league level.  Then, next year, let him play in the majors...this time, give him a chance to compete to become a starter.  Which is what he should be...

Things I Learned From Live Chat With Brian Costa

Earlier today, Brian Costa of the Newark Star-Ledger had a really good live chat with Mets fans, here.

Here are the things I took out of the chat that I felt were most interesting:

- In response to my question regarding whether or not Carter was garnering consideration over Jacobs for the last bench spot, Costa said, "Sure, if he keeps hitting this way, he'll definitely earn strong consideration."  Since it was my question, I obviously think Carter should be getting consideration.  He's a lefty, he has power, he's mashing right now, he plays first base and outfield...At this point in time, I just don't see what Jacobs has over him. 

- In response to a question asked what the chances were of Castillo or Perez being traded this season, Costa said, "About the same as the chances of tomorrow's game in Fort Myers being postponed due to a blizzard."  I guess I'm not going to hold out hope that Castillo will get deal then...

- Costa feels that Wright's power will come back this year. He said, "Honestly, I don't see Wright's power as a huge question mark this year. I think last year was an aberration and he's too good to have another year like that."  I agree with Costa here, I'm not concerned about Wright.

 - In response to a question about Jerry using Mejia in an effort to save his job, Costa said, "Well, Jerry said he'd have to be a little crazy and a little desperate to do it, and what do you know, he's a little of both. Still, I have to say, Mejia has looked excellent so far."  I don't disagree here.  The kid has looked good enough that he probably can contribute on the major league level this season, but is it worth potentially stalling his development into a starter...That's the more important question.

- In response to a question regarding how much of a leash Murphy will have at first this year, Costa thinks, "Yes, Murphy doesn't have a ton of margin for error, but the Mets want to give him every chance to succeed. Plus, if the Mets are losing, I don't think Murphy is going to be the scapegoat."  That's nice to see that the Mets want him to succeed.  It's be nice to see that.  And I agree that if they're losing there will be bigger issues than Murphy that will attribute to that...

- Also note, Costa called Jeff Francouer's clubhouse demeanor, "Francoeur is definitely a good clubhouse guy. I don't think "the right attitude" is more important than good seasons from Maine, Pelfrey and Perez, and the return of Reyes and Beltran, but it helps."  I can't agree more.  Ever heard of the term loveable loser?  I really like Frenchy and what he brings to this team, but at the end of the day they need to win above all else.  And they need everyone healthy and contributing for that to happen. 

- Finally, and in my opinion, the most important thing I learned was regarding the Mets front office and how in-tune they are with their fans.  Costa made this comment, "Someone from the Mets will read this. Trust me, the Mets are keenly aware of everything that is being said and written about them -- in newspapers, on the radio, on TV and on blogs. They don't need me to tell them what fans are saying. You may feel like there's a disconnect because of what the Mets do or don't do, but they definitely hear everything that is being said about them."  Wow, to me this is huge for a couple reasons, both positive and negative.  On one hand, it's nice to know that the team cares enough about it's fanbase to pay attention to what's being said about them.  On the otherhand, Can they care too much about what people are saying?  I know this isn't exactly a fair point considering, the Mets almost seem damned if they do, and damned if they don't.  However, I do think it's good to pay attention to your fans and hear what they've saying because at the end of the day, this is a business and the fans are your customers.  You need them to be satisfied with the product or else your sales will go down.  BUT, they should only be listened to up to a point, because in all honesty, as much as fans love the game and think they know about it, the management are the professionals.  As a fan, I like to know that management knows more than me, and can run the team better than anyone else, because, hey, isn't that their jobs? Aren't they professionals for a reason?  I know the obvious/sarcastic response to this question, but seriously, as much as I like to think I know what I'm talking about, there's a reason I'm writing a blog for fun, and they manage a baseball franchise...

Mets Off Today, Next Televised Game is Friday

So, the Mets are off today, before playing road games against Boston and Florida (Wednesday and Thursday), before returning on Friday for a game at Tradition Field Friday against the Minnesota Twins.  The start Friday will be at 1:10 and will be aired locally on SNY.

Old Glasses, Old Results

In yet another article for the Newark Star-Ledger, the insanely prolific Brian Costa writes about K-Rod potentially switching back to his old look, glasses on the mound. In his article Costa writes, "After switching to contact lenses in 2008, K-Rod went back to his red-tinted glasses in his first spring training appearance Monday. And because of the conjunctivitis that bothered him for more than two weeks early in camp, Rodriguez said the glasses might again become a permanent fixture."

Here's my opinion on the whole thing, who cares.  Honestly, he should do whatever he needs to do to make himself comfortable and able to pitch at the highest level possible.  Although, on a personal note, I do think those red glasses look pretty badass.  Regardless, if this is going to make him more comfortable on the hill and will keep him from getting pink-eye then I'm all for it.  If he pitches like he did three years ago in Anaheim he can get a Mike Tyson tatoo over his face, threaten to eat babies, and bite of Jerry manuel's ear and I really wouldn't care...