Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Game 2 Against Astros Tonight at 8:05, History Repeating?

I'm not going to get too ahead of myself only one game into this road trip, but I have a feeling this current road trip has happened before.  The next 6 games the Mets have on the road are against the Astros and Pirates on the road.  Both teams are bad, and both series are completely winnable, if not sweepable, for the Mets.  So, here it comes...

Remember when the Mets went to Cleveland and Baltimore back in June?  Remember what that trip was for the Mets?  I'm trying not to jinx the team here, but I'm thinking this current trip can be the NL version of what the Mets did to the AL bottom dwellers earlier this season.  But, even if that is the case, I wouldn't get too excited...

Anyway, the Mets need to win tonight for that to happen, and the pitching match up is looking pretty favorable as the Mets send Santana to the hill against Nelso Figueroa.  Here's the line up courtesy of the Mets on twitter:


Pagan gets a night off, keeping Frenchy in right, and moving F-Mart into left field.  It would be nice to see an offensive explosion tonight from the team...We haven't REALLY seen one of those in a bit now...

By the way the last lop-sided game the Mets won, and only one since the All-Star break, was on July 27th against the Cardinals 8-2.  Just sayin'...

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