Friday, August 20, 2010

Mets Score a Bunch and Win...Wild Idea

It's unbelievable what happens when you score runs, especially when your pitching has been awesome.  Tonight the Mets got another good outing from their starter, tonight it was Pelfrey, except they scored runs and were able to beat the Pirates easily 7-2 (box). 

The only starters in the line up without hits tonight were Tejada and Pelfrey.  Carter, Reyes, Wright, Thole and Davis ALL had good nights at the plate.  That is a nice thing to see, especially when Carter delivers with a homer and two RBI hitting out of the clean up spot tonight. 

Oh, and Pelfrey gave up 2 runs on 6 hits in eight innings of work...

It's amazing how much better this team is when they hit...and play the Pirates.

The Mets go for their first road series win against an NL opponent since freakin' forever, tomorrow when they send Niese to the hill against McDonald.  Come on, let's get that monkey off our back here...

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