Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kids Will Play, Line Up for Santana vs. Hamels Tonight at 7:05

Well, Castillo may not be off the team, but he's officially lost his starting job according to Metsblog.  In that post for Metsblog, Barron reports that Jerry will platoon Francoeur and Martinez in right while letting Tejada start and pushing Luis Castillo to the bench.

My reaction to all this is simple.  ABOUT TIME.  Although I would be happier if the team found a way to move Castillo, at least we won't have to watch him everyday anymore.  As for the platoon in right, while I still have a soft spot for Frenchy, he probably shouldn't be out there at all.  But, if the platoon is strictly righty-lefty then it's not terrible just based on there being more righties than lefties.  Regardless of the details I'm happy the organization is making a commitment to the future here.  Let's just hope they stay committed to this and don't flip-flop...

Anyway, tonight the Mets take on the Phillies again.  Here's the line up courtesy of the Mets on twitter:


Ike gets the day off, and Ruben assumes his role as the everyday second baseman.  Maybe this will shake a few things loose. 

Let's Go Mets. 

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