Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Postgame...Poor Niese

Mets lose 6-2 tonight at Citi Field...

Recap/Reaction:Just when it looks like a ray of hope is desperately trying to peak through Citi Field, the Mets find a way to squash it. Tonight Jon Niese pitched a gem, allowing one run through 7 solid innings. When Niese left the game, it looked as if the Mets would win back to back games, for the first time in 40 games. That was not the case.

The wheels fell off in the 8th as Takahashi allowed two runners to reach base, and an intentional walk brought up Melvin Mora. Acosta had Mora 2-2 before hanging a slider that the former Met destroyed.

Acosta had been solid leading up to this outing, same with Takahshi in the 8th inning roll but it just looks like Jerry has such little stability in the pen.

Another negative is the offense which was MIA. David Wright is lost. Carlos Beltran looks old. Mets had 3 hits all night, one of which was a 2-run shot by Pagan in the 1st that supplied the Mets only runs.

Bottom line was tonight the Mets had a chance to take a series and set themselves up tomorrow to sweep with their ace on the mound. Yet, the Mets keeping digging a bigger hole, now 9.5 GB of Hotlanta.

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