Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mets Lose Big Game, Call Up the Kids

Bad news, the Mets lost a very important game last night to the Phillies 7-5 after an abysmal 8th inning from the bullpen, specifically Bobby Parnell (box score).  Good news, the team is shaking things up by bringing up F-Mart and Ruben Tejada, according to Metsblog

Here's all I'm saying about last night, it was awful.  The Mets are lucky to only be 8 back after last night, but I think at this point it's fair to say any excitement we'll get from the Mets for the rest of the season will be from the dismantling of this team, and the kids being given a chance to play.

That being said...

According to the Metsblog link above, which by the way is a very interesting thread to read if for nothing but seeing the way the story developed, both Ruben Tejada and Fernando Martinez are coming up to the club.  As Barron says in the post, you have to figure they are coming up to play.  It'll be interesting to see the corresponding moves from the team, but to me, it's got to be designating Castillo and Francoeur for assignment, or some trades.  There really is no reason to bring these kids up to ride the pine, or to bring them up at the expense of guys like Carter.  It's just not worth it.

What I hope Omar is saying here is, we tried it with these guys and they didn't get the job done, so let's see what the kids can do.    

It can't be any worse than what the team is currently doing out there...

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