Thursday, August 12, 2010

K-Rod Being Detained, Game at 12:10: Line Up

K-Rod is being held in the CitiField detainment center according to Metsblog, here.  Well, this is pretty ridiculous.  Way to go Francisco!  I wonder how big the "detainment center" is, and if some moron will get arrested on purpose in an effort to be K-Rod's cell-mate.  I'm sure they wouldn't put anyone else near him, but it'd be a funny story if they did...

Regardless of K-Rod's legal issues, the Mets will look for the series win today at 12:10.  They're sending Santana to the mound, but will try to win without David Wright, who'd getting the day off.  Honestly, he needs it and the team MAY be better off without him today.  Here's the line up courtesy of the Mets on twitter:


I love how Hessman has taken over the role on the team previously occupied by Fernando Tatis.  I'm just irritated that it took the organization this long to realize that they overpaid for "role guys" that they could have easily, and more cheaply, replaced with kids from within their minor league system.

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  1. i was thinking the exact same thing about the crazy whos gonna get in trouble on purpose to see k-rod. someones bound to make an attempt.