Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mets Make 4 Errors...Need I Say More

Tonight the Mets made 4 errors, and didn't deserve to win the game...So...the Braves defeated the Mets 8-3 tonight (box), taking a very important game and series from the Mets.

No one was good tonight, especially Pelfrey, who hasn't been the same pitcher for some time now.  This was a tough game to watch... 

As excited as I was after yesterday's game, I think I am equally as dissappointed tonight.  The Mets really lost focus, as you can tell from the 4 errors, and that was the most dissappointing part.  Maybe they were pressing and made those errors as a result of that, but when your leaders make errors like Reyes, Wright and Davis all did tonight, you're probably in bad shape.

This was a tough loss tonight, and it puts the Mets 7.5 back of the Braves heading into another big series with the Phillies starting Friday.  This SERIES is a must-win for the Mets to keep any sort of dream of the playoffs alive.  PERIOD.

Let's go...

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