Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wow, Francesa Actually Broke News: Bay to the Mets...

So, after all the Mets fans being prepared for the worst, Mike Francesa came out with these nuggets.

First, Molina is still waiting for a 3 year contract but the Mets have only offered a one-year deal.

And finally, according to Francesa, after the weekend the Mets will have signed Bay. According to Francesa, "The only thing left is the physicals." So barring some sort of physical set-back, it looks like the Mets will have a power hitting left fielder early next week.


Wow, I really wasn't expecting player updates, because let's be honest, how would Francesa know ANYTHING before Rosenthal, Olney or Gammons. Well, he claims to have a source, and to be in the know on this one. And this news is consistent with the idea that Bay was close to signing a 4 year, reported earlier in the week.

So, I guess the Mets have filled one of their bigger holes in left field with a nice bat. 4 years is a good deal for the Mets on this one. And although, I probably would have prefered Holliday, 4 years for Bay is well within reason. Despite Bay's range leaving something to be desired, you cannot help but be excited by the idea of his bat in the middle of that line up, which now seems exponentially better. And like I have said before, this guy HAS delivered in the clutch in a big city before, and that is a HUGE DEAL.

Now, I'm wondering if there is more on tap for the Mets in the next coming days, as Matthew Cerone of Metsblog seemed to hint at...


Joel Sherman on twitter, confirms the signing at 4 years $16.5 Mill, with an easy option for 5th. Can't get much more real than this stuff now. Mets fans, they FINALLY DID SOMETHING!

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