Monday, December 21, 2009

A Number Two I Wish We Were Sniffin'

I have, and always will have, the biggest man-crush on Carlos Zambrano. And after reading a NY Post article that believed the Yankees inquired on him, I'm gonna say it...If you are the Mets this is the number two you want to be sniffing (obvious and disgusting joke, I know, but I couldn't pass it up).

And here's why:

1) The guy is a horse. Last year he pitched 169 innings, his lowest since 2002, which includes a string of 5 consecutive seasons of over 200 innings pitched. Didn't the Mets want an innings eater?

2) His ERA has NEVER been over 4.00 except for his rookie season, where he only logged 6 starts.

3) He has struck out over 150 batters in 6 of his 8 full seasons on the hill.

4) The guy has a wild personality and pitches with so much passion you cannot help, but fall in love with him, should he be on your team.

5) And finally, an added bonus. The guy can mash. He's a sure bet to hit more home runs than Luis Castillo every year, and is a legitimate threat as far as hitting pitchers go. Is it wrong to get a little offense from your pitchers? I don't think so.

Now, I understand he's wild at times, walks guys, and flings water coolers and bats at high speeds across the diamond. Also, he's stated he wants to retire after his next contract. But with the Cubs moving Bradley for Silva, they may not want two different kinds of headcases in their rotation at once. And, if that's true I'd gladly take him off their hands. I think Zambrano would be able to handle New York, and would provide a nice arm behind Santana.

I know the Cubs are looking for a center fielder, and may or may not be looking to shed salary. I know the Mets don't have a center fielder to trade, per say but, if they are one of those teams interested in Angel Pagan, I'd package Angel and either Pelfrey/Maine to get that deal done.

Would you want Zambrano? At what cost?

Show me a package...

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  1. Yeah, I'd love Zambrano behind Johan. Even though I am scared of ever coming in close contact with Zambrano, I'd love him in New York. I'd say goodbye to Angel Pagan in a heartbeat for the Big Z, and Maine. Not too sure about Pelfrey, I still feel he can get his stuff together. Nice article.