Monday, December 21, 2009

Matthews and Pedro and Cash, Oh My!

ESPN's rumor central has some pretty disturbing stuff for Mets fans, which I first saw on Jayson Stark's twitter.

Ok, so first thing's first on this, the alleged 4-team deal that fell through during the winter meetings which involved Burrell, Matthews, Bradley and Castillo. Man, am I glad this fell through. Although, I do acknowledge that Matthews is a good fielder, and would help in the canyon that is CitiField, I would take Castillo hitting .302, 1 HR, 40 RBI and .387 OBP over Matthews .250, 4 HR, 50 RBI and .336 OBP anyday. Even if dumping Castillo would allow the Mets to get O-Dog, I don't think putting Matthews anywhere in that line up helps. Also, getting Matthews would probably have kept the Mets from even entertaining the ideas of Bay or Holliday.

In the same rumor mill, it looks like the Mets are kicking the tires on Pedro, again. But this time, he's looking for more than the one year/$7.5 mill given to Penny. Absolutely, positively, NO WAY. Harden is getting about that next year, and even Penny is a gamble I would have been willing to take. But I would not spend $8 mill on Pedro, especially not with Sheets, Garland, Wang and Bedard still out there. No thank you, Pedro. I loved you when you were here, but enough is enough.

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