Tuesday, December 22, 2009

While You (and Omar) Were Sleepin'...

According to Jon Heyman on Twitter it looks like Yankees are about to re-acquire RHP Javier Vazquez along with RHP Boone Logan for Melky Cabrera, LHP Mike Dunn and a prospect. Despite Vazquez' poor first stint in NY, you have to give credit to Cashman for landing one of the best pitchers available, yet again. As a Mets fan it's starting to get pretty annoying to see that the Yankees 3rd and 4th starters would be a number 2 starter on your team.

On an equally frustrating front, Ken Rosenthal on twitter reports the Mariners are nearing a deal to send Brandon Morrow to Toronto for Brandon League and a prospect. Now, I don't mean any offense to Brandon League (who had a 4.58 ERA last year), but Omar couldn't put together a better package than that? Did he even try? I'd like to know he looked into it, as he claims he looks into everything.

Now, I know Morrow has been up and down, but where is the harm in obtaining a young arm with a high ceiling for say, Brian Stokes and a prospect. It's not like Omar isn't stock piling relievers anyway.

In general, I woke up cranky because I'm starting to get concerned Omar is a little too focused on his targets and is missing out on some opportunities to think outside the box, and improve this team.

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  1. What prospect would you give up for Morrow? Keep in mind that Stokes has absolutely zero trade value. He's basically the definition of a replacement player, since he's on the wrong side of 30 and can't get lefties out.