Friday, December 18, 2009

Bradley for Silva, Zduriencik for President

As first reported by Larry Stone, it looks like Bradley for Silva deal is real. Heyman's sources are confirming.

To me, this is a huge deal for Seattle. They kill two birds with one stone. They lose Silva, his $12,5 Million price tag and his 8.60 ERA, and take a risk on a guy who is a very capable hitter. I don't know what the Cubs were thinking.

This could mean only one of two things: Minaya must have had ZERO interest in Bradley because Castillo would have been a better return for the Cubs. OR, the Cubs REALLY dug themselves a hole by making it known how badly they wanted to move Bradley and this was the only way out.


According to Heyman there is some money going from Seattle to Chicago. Now it makes a little more sense, but still bad deal for the Cubbies.


Chicago Tribune's Paul Sullivan has a different number than Heyman. $9 Mill, which somehow nets to $6 mill, counting Silva.. Still a bad deal, but getting better.

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