Friday, December 18, 2009

While You Were Sleeping...

Here's your morning catch up:

Jason Bay is looking for more years, and the Mets are ready to play some chicken. But does Bay even want to be a Met? Or is he really looking for a 5th year option anywhere else?

Buster Olney thinks that now that Nick Johnson is in the fold, the Yankees are going to turn their attentions to Mark DeRosa as a potential back up around the infield or platoon partner for Cabrera in Left Field.

Milton Bradley is drawing more interest, with no more action. Cubbies, just deal this guy already, it's the same rumors re-hashed every freakin' day.

Tim Brown is saying no dice on Harang to the Dodgers.

In other Dodger news, it looks like Jamey Carrol is close to siging.

Meanwhile also in California, Crisp is looking at San Diego and the Pads are looking at him, which in my opinion, may not necessarily mean a Gonzalez deal is off.

More news and notes to come throughout the day.

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