Monday, December 28, 2009

After All This Freakin' Out, The Mets Haven't Missed Much

According to Ken Rosenthal the Giants are close to signing Mark DeRosa, yet another free agent option off the board and Minaya is still doing nothing, right? Wrong!

Going into the off season the Mets were hoping to fill voids in left field and catcher, trade and replace Luis Castillo, add bullpen depth and add starting pitching depth. Alright, so let's take a look at each hole and see what they've missed.

Left Field:

The two big fish, Holliday and Bay, are still available. Neither has signed with anyone, nor do they look like they are going to anytime soon. So Minaya didn't sign DeRosa, or deal for Melky Cabrera, I think I can handle that knowing both Bay and Holliday are available and the Mets can still make a solid play for one.


Bengie Molina, long thought to be the Mets top catching target, also hasn't signed yet. Neither has Rod Barajas or even Miguel Olivo, who conventional wisdom has as the Mets back up plans.

Second Base:

Yes, Minaya has not traded Castillo yet. Trust me, no one wants this guy out of New York more than I do. But realizing that he wasn't worth trading for Carlos Silva (no matter how much I don't like Castillo, he has more value than that), it wouldn't be the end of the world if he stayed. Beyond that, the off season is still going on and Omar still may be able to dump Castillo and go out and get Hudson (still on the free agent market), who the Mets are believed to be interested in should they be able to move Castillo.


This is where Omar has been most active signing Igarashi, Kelvim Escobar and R.A. Dickey and Clint Everts to minor league deal. These names may not be household, but are adding depth to the area heading into the off-season, that the club seemed least concerned with. So, Mets fans can be satisfied with this.

Starting pitching:

Ok, the Phillies got Halladay, but the Mets were never in the running for him, especially considering that he apparently was only willing to sign an extension with Philly anyway. It wasn't worth it for the Mets to deal for him for only a year. Beside that, the Mets could not give up anyone with the value of Cliff Lee on their roster, so realistically, they did not have a good shot. And yes, they missed out on Jason Marquis, but once again not a big deal. Jon Garland is a similar player to Marquis and is still available, as are risk/reward options Ben Sheets and Eric Bedard, and not to mention neither Cuban pitcher has signed Maya or Chapman.

So, I'm asking once again, What has Minaya missed out on?

All of his targets are still available, while other teams are filling their holes in other ways. I'm usually the biggest pessimist here, but it's looking like Omar is going to be in better and better shape as time goes by.

So Mets fans, step off the ledge, we haven't missed anything, YET.

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  1. Well, they missed out on Lackey, although the contract Boston gave him is borderline nuts, so I'm ok w/ letting him go. I would take Capps over Escobar or Dickey, and I would have liked to seen the Mets make a run at Harden, but agree that it's too early to be freaking out. Of course, the same guy that put together the last 2 teams is still calling the shots, so it's not like I'm all that confident in Minaya.