Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dominos Startin' to Fall

After Mike Francesa broke the news of the signing of Jason Bay with the Mets on the horizon, earlier today, another domino has seemed to fall into place for the Mets. According to Metsblog.com, Rich Coutinho of ESPN Radio says the Mets are closing in on a two year deal with Bengie Molina.

Not to toot my own horn here, but I wrote just two days ago that Omar hasn't really missed out on much and now it's looking more and more like the Mets are landing the fish they want on their terms, for the most part.

Mets fans have to be happy to get two of the best players on the market at their positions. Although this may not be the best case scenario, (which would have been Holliday on the contract Bay's getting and Molina on a one year deal) I would still call what the Mets have done today as a close second.

As long as Bay's defense is average (or above), the Mets should be happy with his power production in that line up, along with his ability to be clutch late in games.

As for Molina, he can hit a bit (better than any other free agent catcher), has a little pop, a nice arm and knows how to call a game. His problem is that he's as slow as molasses and is not a gaurauntee to score from second on a base hit to the outfield. This will be extremely annoying to Mets fans, but hopefully his other positives will be worth the two year deal, which will give the Mets the time to let heir apparent, Josh Thole, develop in the minors.

Alright, Omar, now fill out that staff...

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