Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cashstealo To Stay on DL

According to, here, Anthony DiComo writes that the team has admitted that Luis Cashtealo will need some more time before he's capable of returning to the field.  DiComo points to Minaya saying that the second baseman is "just not ready yet."  DiComo also quotes Omar as saying, "We're not concerned -- not yet...We're hoping that it's not going to be a long-term thing."

I'm not going to kick a guy too much when he's down, but the team has been playing a lot better without Cashstealo around.  The team seems to have better life and a better attitude.  I really think it'd be better for the team and Luis if he just really got healthy, and did whatever necessary to do that.  That was a lot of me being nice right there...I just want him to stay on the DL.

According to the article it looks like the team will continue to play Tejada, which I like.  And finally Jerry sees what I see about Ruben.  DiComo quotes Jerry as saying, ""That's the one thing I thought that we'd miss with Luis is that turn...We were just talking about that today, how impressed we had been with [Tejada] turning the double play. He's adapted extremely well."  Thank you Jerry for that dynamic analysis, it only took you about two weeks of Tejada playing to notice.  I guess I should just be happy you noticed at all...

In the meantime, without Cashstealo, the team continues to win.  I don't care who they win with, because to me winning is the only thing...

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