Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rumors For Lee Include Mejia and Pagan

According to this article from the Mariners Blog on The Seattle Times' site, the Mets and Twins seem to be the two teams most likely to land Cliff Lee.  This link was forwarded via, here, as well as Metsblog.

The most interesting part of the article isn't that the Mets seem to be in on Lee, but instead who they could potentially give up to get him.  In the post, Geoff Baker puts the Twins in the driver's seat with the potential addition of Wilson Ramos, a solid catching prospect in the Twins organization.  But Baker is also quick to point out that the Mets have some serious talent of their own that they could include.  Specifically, Baker mentions rumors that the Mets might include Jenrry Mejia and Angel Pagan in a deal for Lee, which Baker thinks would be enough to get Lee to the Mets.

So the obvious question is, Would you take that deal?

My answer...maybe.

Here are my hang ups, Lee's impending free agency and Beltran's health.  If the Mets were to make a deal like this they would need to make sure they could extend Lee and that Beltran was 100%.  While I really like Mejia and Pagan, if Beltran comes back healthy, I would absolutely consider this deal, assuming you could extend Lee.  But those are two BIG BUTS....

So, I think I would pull the trigger if Lee were extended and Beltran proved to be healthy because to me Cliff Lee and Carlos Beltran are better than Jenrry Mejia and Angel Pagan.  But, like I said before, I would need to see a healthy Beltran and I would need to see an extended Lee, and I don't think both of those chips can realisitically fall into place...

Would you make the deal?

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