Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm Starting to Love THIS Team.

While I've been gone all weekend, the Mets have been winning.  The team looks good, at least from what I've been able to catch on Mets fast forward on SNY (was out of town).  The Mets now find themselves only a game and a half out of first, and 7 games over .500. 

The Mets have become a much less stressful team to root for over the last couple of weeks.  The roster has been improved with the releasing of GMJ, the injuries to Perez and Cashstealo.  Although, I do think there has been a case of addition by subtraction here, the more important thing is the type of players that they were replaced with.  GMJ turned into Jesus Feliciano, Perez into Niese and Cashstealo into Tejada.  Outside of Feliciano's age (31) there is a common thread among these players, the group that has come in is young and hungry.  The youthful energy and desire to succeed is part of a movement the Mets have decided to make this season, highlighted with the calling up of Ike Davis along with the promotion of Chris Carter.

The Mets are an exciting team to watch, and one that seems to never be willing to give up.  I love the way this team is constructed currently, and I think the organization does too, based on the results they are getting.

I'm not going to get too excited just yet, but after sweeping the O's, and now heading to Cleveland, the Mets have a chance to collect a few more wins before heading into Yankee Stadium this weekend.  The series against the Indians starts Tuesday with Santana against Masterson...

Let's Go Mets.

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