Monday, June 21, 2010

Losing Series to Yankees Should NOT Downplay Roadtrip Success

The Mets just finished their road trip to Baltimore, Cleveland and New York (technically a road game) at 7-2, as pointed out in a post to, here.  In this post Cerrone points out how well they played, starting it off 7-0, before losing the final two games to the Yankees.

My concern is that the "importance" of the subway series, and the way the road trip ended, will take away from the success of the trip.  Yes, they beat up on the AL's worst.  But isn't that what good teams are supposed to do?  Don't good teams win the games they're supposed to win?  And beyond that, it's not like the Yankees killed them.  They were in the games on both Saturday and Sunday, but were done in by the long ball.  All that considered, they still won 7 of 9 on the road, and 7 in a row at one point, and that's impressive stuff.

Anyway, my point is quick and simple.  I wouldn't put too much stock into losing to the Yankees, especially when the games you lost were against Hughes and Sabathia, and were close games.  It was a great road trip and put the team into the wild card lead, as Metsblog points out...

Besides, the Tigers and Justin Verlander come to town tomorrow, so there really isn't anytime to worry about the past...

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