Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mets Win 7-6 & Complete the Sweep of Florida, Santos To Be Sent Down

Today the Mets came back with a big, game-tying, three run homer off the bat of Jeff Francoeur and would eventually take the lead on an RBI double play groundout from Ike Davis which gave the Mets a 7-6 win over the Marlins today, and helped them sweep the series from Florida (box score/wrap).

It's about time the Mets did something against the Marlins who seem to have owned them up until this point in the season.  Tomorrow, the team will get a well-deserved day off before starting a three game set Tuesday against the Padres, their last NL opponent before going on to play their next 15 games against American league opponents (Baltimore, Cleveland, Yankees, Detroit and Minnesota).

Also of note, according to Anthony DiComo in an article for, Omir Santos has been optioned back to Double-A after the game because of the news of Henry Blanco's back healing well.  According to DiComo the Mets won't need to make a move to fill that roster spot until Tuesday, but when they do, it is assumed that Jesus Feliciano will finally get the call.  About time.  Feliciano is only hitting like .400 at Triple-A and although some people think he's a Quad-A type player, two things are for sure: 1) He's better than GMJ, because anyone is. 2) He's definitely earned himself a chance to prove he can play on the big league level by hitting in Buffalo.  When the move to fill that roster spot does happen, I really hope it is Feliciano who gets the call.  Maybe he'll be the type of bench spark/reserve player the Mets need in the outfield...I'm excited.  Yes, I realize that it sounds stupid to be excited about a bench player, but when GMJ used to be that player, I think it's ok to be excited...

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