Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mets Pitchers Chime in on Trade Deadline, Mejia Demotion

In this article for the New York Post, written by Dan Martin, "Mets fans aren't the only ones clamoring at the prospects of the team trading for a top of the line starter like Seattle's Cliff Lee or Houston's Roy Oswalt."

In the article Martin goes on to quote Pelfrey, Santana and K-Rod as all saying that improving the team's pitching with either Oswalt or Lee would definitely be a welcome addition and would help the team make a push for the post-season.  Although, it is important to note that the players were also careful to mention that they feel they can win with the team's pitching as is, BUT, cannot deny that an improvement would be a good thing for the team's chances.

Also in the article K-Rod is quoted as saying he isn't a fan of the Mets sending Mejia down to the minors.  His concern seems to be it being "tough to prepare when you don't know if you have to get one or two outs in the eighth. It's a lot easier when you know which guy is gonna be in front of you and who's in what role."

Overall I think the Mets pitchers quoted in this article about the possibility of adding a top starter were honest and respectful in their answers.  Yes, the team could absolutely use another top-starter, but at the same time they did a good job of acknowledging that the team can win as currently constructed.


K-Rod should be less worried about who is pitching before him and should be more concerned about NOT making every game a nail-biter.  Lately, he's made EVERY game a little too exciting for my taste.  Maybe that's because he's too concerned with who is pitching the eighth to prepare himself properly for the ninth...

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