Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All-Star Wrap: NL Wins, D. Wright and CitiField

Last night the NL broke a 13-year losing streak in All-Star games and secured home field advantage in the World Series for the League.  The NL won 3-1 on a bases clearing double from Braves catcher Brian McCann in the seventh inning.  The winning pitcher for the NL was Matt Capps, with the save going to Jonathon Broxton and the loss to Phil Hughes of the Yankees.  You can check out the box score here.

Although I am happy the NL won, I still think the whole "game counting" thing is a bunch of BS.  I know it's been said a million times but why can't they just go back to the best record getting home field.  Does pride not exist anymore?

Speaking of pride, D. Wright went 2-2 and swiped a bag last night in the game.  Now, that's pride.  He plays hard all the time...I love the guy, and since D. Lee (David Lee) was recently sent out of town, I feel D. Wright needs to accept the "D-last name" nickname.  I like it.  Think it's bad-ass.

And finally, in this post to Metsblog, Michael Barron talks about how Bud Selig feels that CitiField deserves an All-Star game.  In the post Barron mentions 2013, as the potential year.  Good idea...Great idea...Do it.

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