Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mets Pick Up W, Series Win, Game on Braves; Phillies Pick Up Oswalt

So, on a day that the Mets were able to pick up a series win by defeating the Cardinals 4-0 (box/wrap) and pick up a game in the standings on the Braves...The Phillies picked up Roy Oswalt, according to Ken Rosenthal on twitter.

Today R.A. Dickey was awesome, going 8 and 1/3 innings giving up only 4 hits and two walks.  One of those hits and walks, however, were issued in the ninth forcing Manuel to bring in K-Rod to close it for his 22nd save.  Usually I kill Jerry for basically anything he does, but this move was completely necessary.  He gave Dickey a chance to get the complete game, but once he got into ANY trouble, he needed to go to K-Rod, because the Mets NEEDED the win more than they needed the complete game shut out.

On the offensive side, the big story was Ike's big three-run homer, which ended up being all the Mets needed.  Also driving in a run for the Mets was Beltran.

This was a HUGE series for the Mets to take, but now they CANNOT allow a let down and they need to take 2 of 3 from the D'backs, IF NOT A SWEEP.  Today is July 29th, and tomorrow now becomes a big day/game for the Mets.  I'm not saying if they win tomorrow they will/should make a move, but there could be a little extra motivation if they do and the Braves lose.  In general, the Mets need to look for ways to make their team better for this season and the future, so while I would want to bring in a starter, I don't want to do it by risking the future.  It's the trade deadline, and being SMART should be the move...also, if they can dump Ollie or Cashstealo that wouldn't hurt...

As for the playoff hunt...

The Braves are a very good team, and obviously, the Phillies just got better.  Plus, the Mets are trailing a bunch of teams in the wild card race including the Giants and that stellar pitching staff.  But if the Mets get hot right NOW and win the next three series...that would go a long way towards them making a run this season, especially considering two of their next three series are against the Braves and Phillies...

Tomorrow the Mets look to build on this series win by starting off a three game set against the D'Backs with Pelfrey on the hill.  He's set to face Ian Kennedy at 7:10 tomorrow night.

Let's Go Mets

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