Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Phillies Working on Big Deal?

Jayson Stark on twitter, here, tweeted that "Indications Phillies are working on major deal for starting pitcher & would move Jayson Werth in a companion trade."

This report is supported by Buster Olney on twitter, who then took it a step further and tweeted, " Jayson Stark and I hearing a whole lot about the Phillies working hard on a deal for a frontline pitcher. Don't know for sure, but Oswalt fits in a lot of ways. They could make the dollars work by moving Jayson Werth's contract -- and they'd have Oswalt for 2011."

Wow, wow, and please GOD NO!

I mean isn't it bad enough the Mets are playing like crap right now, and the Braves are having a great season...Now the Phillies need to go out and get ANOTHER frontline pitcher.  The ONLY positive about this potential story is that Werth could end up somewhere else, which is great because I can't stand that guy.  BUT, a series against the Phillies where you would have to face Halladay and Oswalt does not make me feel good as a Mets fan...

If this happens, it sure as hell better kick Omar in the ass and get him to make SOMETHING happen.  BUT, he needs to be smart about it.  Either way, this isn't looking good...

You can read more in an article by Stark on ESPN.com, here

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