Friday, July 9, 2010

Dickey, Mets, Done in by Back-to-Back Homers in 4-2 Loss to Bravos

Tonight, R.A. Dickey turned in a good performance, but back-to-back homers in the 7th put the Braves out in front to stay, in a 4-2 win tonight at the "Citi" (wrap/box score).

R.A Dickey was pitching, and hitting, well tonight.  Then in the 7th with two outs, Melky Cabrera got behind one and sent it out to right.  The next batter Omar Infante followed suit and did the same, giving the Braves a lead they would be able to hold.

The only real offense tonight came from R.A. Dickey, as he reached base on two hits and scored twice as well.  He scored on a sac fly from David Wright, and a mis-played line drive by Eric Hinske that was recorded as an RBI double for Jose Reyes.

As far as I'm concerned tonight was not a good game.  It's usually a tough night when the most you can find to talk about was the starting pitcher, on both offensive and defensive side (save for the other night with Santana's shut out and homer). 

This is not a good way to start the series, as the Mets really need to get in gear to win this series and go into the All-Star break down ONLY two games to the Braves.  Any more losses this series and the Mets may find themselves in third place 5 or 6 games out.  That would not be a good way to go into the break...

Tomorrow night the Mets try to turn it around by sending Pelfrey to the mound against Tim Hudson.  This will not be an easy task for the Mets, but if they want to make the post-season or make a run at the post-season they need to start winning some tough games, and some divisional games...

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