Monday, July 19, 2010

Mets Avoid Sweep, Welcome Back Cashstealo, Potentially Unwelcome Back Perez

After a blown save, and a blown call, the Mets were able to avoid the sweep in San Fran by beating the Giants 4-3 in extra innings (box score/wrap).

So, Santana was great and deserved the win, but he's cursed on this team.  Santana gave up one run in 8 innings yesterday and was in line for the win until K-Rod blew the save, only to then vulture the win for himself.  Ugh...Johan deserves better, and K-Rod is really starting to bother me.  Everything is a freakin' nail biter with this guy.  I can't stand this crap anymore.  Do your job and shut the opposition down in the ninth without throwing 50 pitches and making it too close for comfort...

Anyway, on a positive note, Ike Davis is starting to hit again after going 3-5 yesterday with the game winning RBI.  He really carried the Mets offense over the the last two games of the Giants series, along with Wright who hit a bomb yesterday.

Lucky to even escape San Fran with a win after that horrible call at home, the Mets next stop is in Arizona tonight, where they FINALLY send Pelfrey to the mound to take on Ian Kennedy.  The game starts at 9:40.

In other news, it looks like Luis Cashstealo will be back with the team tonight and Oliver Perez will be rejoining the team in Arizona, as reported by Adam Rubin, here, for ESPN New York...ehhh.  Clearly, I'm not happy about any of this.  I don't like Cashstealo, and I don't like Perez.  But, I hope that the Mets can show that Perez is healthy enough that they can find SOME team to take a gamble with him...although I severely doubt it. 

As far as Luis, I just don't think he fits with the team anymore.  Despite Tejada's struggles at the plate, I really enjoyed watching the kid play.  It made me feel good as a Mets fan that this team, and the organization, has some nice upcoming talent.  Now, that young talent is put back on the back burner for some older, more broken down, talent.  I'm not happy, but this day had to come eventually...

Regardless, I hope Cashstealo finds himself in the 8 spot tonight, because breaking up Reyes and Pagan at the top of the line up would be a huge mistake.  On the same token, I wouldn't be surprised either if Barajas is hitting eighth tonight and Pagan finds himself hitting 6-7, and Cashstealo weasels his way back into the two-hole.  Although I really hope not.

I guess we'll just wait and see...

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