Monday, July 26, 2010

Literally the Deadline

Quick Rant:

The next few games should in my opinion dictate the direction Omar decides to steer the sinking ship come Saturday's trade deadline. Say the Mets drop the 1st two games to St. Louis, and are roughly 9.5 games our of first place....We should NOT be buyers. One piece won't help this team. One new manager won't help this team.

This could be a prime opportunity for the Mets to rebuild and put a decent ballclub out on the field in the seasons to come(With Bobby V back lets pray)

The Mets need new arms. No more Ollie, Maine, Japanese, or tired Relievers.

So, Im proposing we sell high on the new fan favorite Angel Pagan. Yes, he's maybe our most consistant player but the injury prone 29 year old could potentially bring back a decent return, hopefully the kind of pitchers who can compete for a rotation spot next year.

Pretty much anyone other than Reyes, Wright, Ike, Niese and Pelfrey i wouldn't mind parting with if it allows us to rebuild because the Post-Collapse Mets are more disgusting to watch than the 07-08 editions.

At this point I'm all for selling, this team has no life and much like 2004, we need to sink the whole ship if we ever want to see it sail (respectfully) again.

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