Friday, July 30, 2010

My Opinion on Francoeur for Guillen Rumor

According to Jon Heyman on twitter, the Mets don't want to mess with the clubhouse chemistry by trading Francoeur to the Royals for Jose Guillen.

Would I pull the trigger on this deal?

ABSOLUTELY NOT.  This should have been dismissed the moment it was brought up.  The numbers aren't staggering for either player and Francoeur is much more valuable in the clubhouse.  The only way I would consider taking on Guillen if I were the Mets, is if the Royals were willing to take Castillo or Perez in the deal...but I sincerely doubt that would happen.

So for now, I say to Omar, sit on your hands...this one is not worth it.


  1. I would do this move in a heartbeat. Guillen's OPS is a 100 points better than Francoeur's (100 points is also the difference between Matt Holliday and Travis Hafner).

    I don't know how valuable Frenchy's leadership was in the clubhouse during July (maybe he was taking a nap?), but it's not like the Mets are setting the world on fire. Cora snapped at Pelfrey in Arizona, Dickey and Jerry got into a huge screaming match in LA, and you're worried about keeping that vibe intact?

  2. I agree. Right now Frenchy is an important part of this clubhouse! Ray Knight was similar when you look at it. Knight also didn't have great numbers (albeit probably better numbers that Jeff) and we let him go after the world series. The team that was so dominant that year had much less fight in it after that.

    Sometimes the contributions of players do not show up on the stat sheet. I believe Jeff is one of those players!

  3. I agree also. Guillen has more home runs, runs scored, rbi's, a better OBP and a better average. I mean come on