Monday, July 26, 2010

Mets Finish Road Trip 2-9, Talk With Royals About Deals

Yesterday was the same old story lately for the Mets, their starter pitched well enough to win, but the team couldn't score as they lost 1-0 to the Dodgers in L.A. (box/wrap).

This was a terrible road trip, and the Mets SOMEHOW managed to stay within reach of the Braves, although the Phillies are making a move.  Hopefully some home-cooking will make a difference this week, even though these aren't easy games against the Cardinals (Garcia, Wainwright and Suppan) before getting the D'backs again (we know how well that went last time).  All this before heading to Atlanta and Philly in consecutive series.

This will be a telling stretch for the Mets, especially considering the trade deadline just happens to fall into that time period.  Speaking of trade deadline...

Ken Rosenthal tweeted that the Mets are talking with the Royals about swapping some bad contracts.  Rosenthal mentions Farnsworth, Meche and Guillen as players in a potential deal, along with Cashstealo, Perez and Frenchy.  Although Rosenthal does mention that these probably won't be a straight three-for-three or even that a deal is imminent, he does acknowledge that things are being talked about. 

As much as I love Frenchy, and hate Jose Guillen, if you are the Mets and this deal (or some iteration of it) is possible, you HAVE to pull the trigger.  Farnsworth is having a very good year, and Meche if he's healthy can definitely help bolster your pitching staff.  But to me this biggest thing here is to get rid of the headaches you have in Perez and Castillo.  If Omar has a chance to move them, he really should jump on it as long as they're not going to cost any big time prospects.

Anyway, the Mets get tonight off before starting their series with the Cardinals tomorrow.  I hope coming back home will change their fortune, and the way they play ball, because this past weekend was NOTHING fun to watch...

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