Friday, July 9, 2010

Yankees Close To Lee, I'm Close To Pissed

According to Matt Cerrone of Metsblog, here, it looks like the Yankees will be landing Cliff Lee. Cerrone basically cites any and all of the usual suspects in his report (Sherman, Rosenthal, Olney, Price, Davidoff, etc.).  The most recent update lays out the three prospects the Yankees would be giving up, Jesus Montero, David Adams and Zach McCallister.  And I'm pissed...

First off, I hate that the Yankees are getting him.  It's just an embarassment of riches at this point, and honestly, DO THEY EVEN NEED HIM?  The Yankee rotation, should this deal be finalized would be Sabathia, Lee, Hughes, Vazquez, Burnett and Pettite.  That is remarkable.  This would most likely have to involve another move, as I don't think even the Yankees need 6 starters of that caliber.  I mean, this is ridiculous...

As far as the Yankees offer, outside of Montero I know very little about the players involved.  Although Baseball America has Montero as the number 4 rated prospect in baseball, he's having a tough year at the plater hitting only .253 in Triple-A, but does have six homers.  In regards to the other pieces: McCallister has a mid-4 ERA in Triple-A, while David Adams is currently hitting .309 with 3 homers in Double-A.

I guess, at the end of the day the Mariners wanted to fill their need, and get the best player available.  No one the Mets could have offered, short of Niese or Davis, would have had as high an upside as Montero does, and no one would fill Seattle's need for a catcher in the same way.  So, at the end of the day it looks like Seattle will get the catcher they want, but I wonder if they really got enough other pieces for this trade to really have worked out in their favor.

Anyway, I think I am on the Ted Lilly bandwagon now.  Unless the price for Oswalt drops, I would say Lilly would probably be the best option for the Mets not named Oswalt, who can probably be had at a decent price.  Either way, I hope Omar makes his move soon because as good as Dickey and Takahashi have been this year, it's starting to look like some magic is starting to wear off on that front, especially with Takahashi.

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  1. Can someone explain to me why the Yankees don't need to include like, Gardner in this deal? Montero certainly is big time prospect with the bat, but from what I have read probably projects to being moved from catcher. Is there a reason the Mets have to include Ike Davis AND top prospects (Flores, Fmart and Thole) but the Mariners are willing to accept a guy who is probably not even going to catch, and two middling prospects? Just makes you scratch your head. I guess Mariners don't really care about ever winning in the American League.