Thursday, July 22, 2010

Frenchy May Be On His Way Out

In this article Mike Puma of the New York Post says that the Mets may be sending Jeff Francoeur somewhere else "by the time the Mets finish their series with Los Angeles this weekend."

Well that stinks.

I like Frenchy.  I like his personality.  I love his arm.  I'm not crazy about his plate discipline.  But I still want to see him succeed, and see him succeed in NY, with the Mets.  BUT...

I get it.  Pagan, Beltran and Bay.  There just isn't room for Frenchy...

He's not going to play everyday here, and he should have that opportunity.  Also, he's probably one of the more valuable trade pieces the Mets have right now, in that he's not essential to the team winning and he's young enough, and talented enough, that he has SOME value to a team willing to take a chance on him.  Most likely, we're not talking about a big deal here.  It'll probably be something to help the bullpen, or he'll be part (not necessarily a key one) of a deal that could potentially net a starting pitcher.

Either way, I'm a bit dissapointed.  But I think most people saw this coming at some point.  I know he was only in New York for what amounts to a year, BUT, this feels like I am breaking up with a girlfriend.  I just hope we can still be friends...

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  1. Francoeur is done. Who do you think will take him? His plate discipline is horrible. You keep thinking that since he's young, he'll eventually figure it out. But he wont. I was amazed that he swindled the Mets into signing him for $5 million this year. We've seen enough of him in Atlanta to know that he wasnt worth THAT much.

    Also, midway through last season, the folks in Atlanta were calling for the Braves to trade him. He was a local boy, the 'golden child', and if ATLANTA fans turn on you, it's bad. But, the braves did trade him, the fans were shocked - yeah, it was like breaking up with a girlfriend. but, in the end, you're better off for it.