Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mets Making Moves: Perez Up, Sign Cordero

According to, the Mets have brought back Oliver Perez, and sent down Justin Turner to Triple-A. 

Turner was sent down instead of Josh Thole, which is probably the best move the Mets have made in some time.  The bottomline here is that Thole is the only catcher on the roster who is hitting.  So play him.  With the offense struggling the way it's been there is NO REASON to sit a hot bat, especially when it's really the only hot bat going right now.  Cerrone states in the posting above, that Manuel will likely increase Thole's playing time.  Good move Jerry...

Unfortunately, Oliver Perez is back, and will be a complete waste of a roster spot.  He'll probably be on mop up duty for awhile.  Hopefully, we won't see him for the rest of the road trip, because the Mets cannot afford another laugher like they had on Monday Night.

Also of note, Ken Rosenthal tweeted that the Mets have signed Chad Cordero to help in the bullpen.  My assumption is that this is an attempt to work around the not-so-great trade market for relievers this deadline.  Hopefully, he'll work out.  Clearly Omar has a bit of a crush on him, as he's been trying to get him back for a while.  His numbers in triple-A earlier this season weren't bad, so hopefully he'll be able to bring a little something to the 'pen should he get up to the big club.

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