Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blanco's Turn to Walk Off, 2B Hurt, End Of An Ollie?

I haven't been around to comment since yesterday's game ended, but I am really starting to believe in this team.  Yesterday's walk off homer from Hank White (as McCarver would say) is really indicative of what a GOOD ballclub gets, help from all over.  While Blanco might not have been the likely hero the night after Barajas did the same, it's when guys like this win ballgames that you start to really gain confidence in a team.  And the Mets took the first two of the series against the Giants knowing they would face one of the best pitchers in the league in Tim Lincecum in the third game, who they are just starting to hit a bit as I write this.  Either way they've been playing well and, I think, have established that they are significantly better than they were last year.  I'll even give credit to Omar for the Barajas signing.  Even though he seems to ONLY hit homers, they are in huge spots, and he and Blanco seem to have been instrumental in the way this team has pitched so far.

As for 2B...

He's hurt, and I don't care.  Honestly, he made a great play the other day, BUT, he looks old and hurt and I really wish they could move his contract because while he hasn't been hurting the team, I don't think he brings all that much to them.  Adam the Bull on WFAN yesterday seemed to believe the same thing, that while the 2nd baseman isn't killing them, very rarely do you feel this team cannot win without him.  I thought that was well put.  Especially considering his unnecessary plan to bunt yesterday on a 3-1 count in the first when Wellemeyer couldn't find the strike zone...Genius.  Like Howie said on the radio, "that's just his game."  But I think Howie was just as annoyed as I was when he saw that...
And finally Ollie...

He was awful again today.  Now, I think I am the only person who still thinks Perez is worth all of this trouble...but he's even wearing my patience thin at this point.  And while I still feel he will be the first Mets pitcher to throw a no-hitter...he's got the stuff to do it when he's won't be anytime soon.  He looked horrible today, walking 7 batters.  The only positive thing that came out of his performance is the way Jerry gave him a quick hook and didn't let the game (although he probably should have done it in the third).  I think Ollie needs to be moved to the 'pen so Takahashi can make his presence known in the rotation.

On an unrelated note...Can we dump Gary Matthews?  He's awful.

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