Monday, May 3, 2010

Tough Weekend, But Now It's Over

After the Mets starting this past weekend's series with the Phillies in a big way, the Phillies bats answered and took the final two from the Mets, winning last night's game 11-5 (box score/wrap). 

Johan Santana was hammered for 10 runs in the 3 and 2/3 in what quickly became a tough game to watch.  On a positive note Wright hit a homer to give the team an early lead and Rod Barajas continued to pound Philly pitching this weekend (can someone convince him they play the Phillies every night).

On a different note, I don't get why Ike Davis and Angel Pagan needed the day off last night.  It's not like Moyer is a hard throwing lefty and that'd be an issue for Davis, and it also didn't seem that GMJr did anything better than Pagan.  I get days off, but guess what...the Mets had two last week, and one coming up on Thursday.  Jerry, you can rest your starters then.  

Either way the bottom line here is that this series is over and it's time to move on.  The team now has a new series ahead of them, and winning series is still the goal.  The Mets should forget about yesterday and just be concerned with heading to Cincinnati and trying to secure a .500 road swing.  They open tonight in Cincy with Oliver Perez on the hill against Mike Leake. 

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