Saturday, May 15, 2010

Line Up Change For Tonight: Did Jerry Make the Right Move?

Maine is looking to build off another good outing, which the Mets could really use after Perez didn't help last night.  He'll face the Marlins and Nate Robertson tonight at 7:10 on PIX11.  Here's tonight's line up courtesy of Adam Rubin on twitter:


Jerry made a good move putting Jose Reyes in the leadoff spot, BUT PAGAN AT 3?

I'm not so sure about that one.  Why can't Bay, Davis or Wright hit three?  Just put one of them there and protect them in the order the same way.  Plus, I'm not seeing the benefit of hitting Pagan third.  Doesn't your best hitter bat third?  Since when is Angel Pagan the team's best hitter?  He may be hitting right now, but he's not the most dangerous hitter on the team and doesn't really provide any protection for the top of the line up.  Although Pagan CAN hit a homer, he's not a threat to do it every time up.  An opposing pitcher has the potential to work through the top three in the Mets order without throwing too many breaking pitched, and therefore not tiring out as quickly.  Because in all likelihood a pitcher will throw different to Pagan than they would to Bay, Wright or even Davis...

While I like that Jerry has put Jose back at leadoff, I would still rather see Bay, Wright or even Davis hit three over Pagan...Also, Reyes and the second baseman seem to be struggling right now, and stacking three "lighter hitting" guys like that in the top of the order doesn't make the team more dangerous.  Also, the bottom of the line up still is a strike out waiting to happen, and Jerry did nothing to address that...

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  1. I dont care about Pagan's lack of power. He has been hitting over 300 with risp since last year.