Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Carter Plays Hero as Mets Put Up 6 Run Eighth to Comeback on Nats

Very rarely are things as storybook as they were today for the Mets and Chris Carter.  Just one day after being brought up to replace Frank Catalanotto on the roster, not only was Chris Carter put in a situation to help the Mets win the game, but he capitalized.  With runners on first and second with one out, Chris Carter stepped up to the plate against Tyler Clippard and doubled down the right field line to give the Mets a lead they wouldn't relinquish.  The Mets went on to win tonight 8-6 (box score/gameday) in what was the team's biggest comeback of the year.  What a game.

I could talk about Niese's poor start, Barajas' huge double in the eighth, Pagan's single in the inning but instead I'm going to focus on three huge hits tonight for the Mets.  The first hit was a pinch hit from GMJ, which was good to see for a few reasons.  Maybe seeing Catalanotto get dumped gave GMJ a swift kick in the rear, either way it was nice to see the team get a pinch hit...but that was only the tip of the iceberg.

The next biggest hit was an unbelievably well executed bunt single from Alex Cora in the eighth inning which put Cora on base as the eventual game winning run.  Which leads me to the huge pinch hit double that Chris Carter had.  It couldn't have worked out better for Carter or the Mets.  Carter got his chance to be a hero and took it.  Although I wish Carter had been up from the beginning of the season it's nice to see the organization make a move towards being younger, and relying more on young talent than older veterans. 

Also not to be overlooked is Ike Davis' undying love for falling into the Mets bench while catching foul balls.  He did it again tonight...this time to end the game.

It's hard not to like this team more and more each day...I am an Acosta, a second baseman and a GMJ away from being completely in love with this team, and that's something I haven't felt for the Mets since 2006. 

Tomorrow the Mets go for the series win sending Pelfrey to the hill to face Craig Stammen for the Nats at 1:10...Should be fun.

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