Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mets, Santana Try To Get Back on Track Against Fish at 7:10: Line Up

Tonight's line-up courtesy of Metsblog and the Adam Rubin on twitter:

Pagan CF
Second Baseman - 2B
Reyes - SS
Bay - LF
Wright - 3B
Davis - 1B
Francoeur - RF
Barajas - C
Santana - P

Time to get back on track here with a "W".  I know Johnson's a tough match up, but it's not like we're throwing a slouch out there on the hill tonight.  I think the Mets have a good shot tonight... 

Interesting to note Barajas starting again while Blanco is still on bereavement.  Thole must literally ONLY be up for depth, which makes me wonder why he'd be the choice to come up in the first place.  Wouldn't it have made more sense to leave him in triple-A for the week and brought up someone Jerry actually is willing to use...I dunno....just wondering...

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  1. Just sorta spitballing here, but would you have given Carter a start tonight in right against tough righty Johnson and given frenchy the night off? Throw a guy at Johnson who he hasn't seen before, give Frenchy, whose been hitting in tough luck a night off during a 7 game week?