Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mets Lose Series, Time To Make This Team Better

Yesterday afternoon the Mets lost their second game of three against the Reds 5-4 (box score), and both games were lost in the same way...walk-off homers. 

Stuff happens.  The team's not going to win every series, but it was especially tough to see them fight back yesterday in the ninth to then lose it in the tenth.  But to me the most important thing to take out of this past road swing is that the team isn't as good as the previous winning streak, and isn't as bad as the way they opened the season. 

This is the same team we've been watching all year and nothing has changed, and there is the problem.  The team still has some glaring weaknesses: manager, bench, second base.  It's becoming frustrating to see the lack of organizational goals with the Mets.  There doesn't seem to be a plan beside waiting things out until Beltran is back, and maybe there should be.

The Mets need to beef up their bench, and the best way to do that is by losing some dead weight.  Despite yesterday's hit Frank Catalanotto is not producing, and Matthews Jr is officially the worst.  With Daniel Murphy apparently slated for triple-A and many other bench options in the minors, I don't understand how GMJ and Cat are still on this team.  Even beyond that, I don't get how Manuel is still playing GMJ.  Why?  Is management forcing Jerry to use GMJ?  He's been horrible this year, and yet he's still getting a start or two a week, which would make sense IF the team was playing 7 games a week.  But they're not.  Their schedule has been pretty kind in regards to days off, and last weeks rain out afforded them two days off.  Jerry needs to put out his best chance to win everyday.  And for some reason it seems like he hasn't always been doing that.

It's time for a change.  Fire Jerry, or switch up the bench, but do something to make this team better.  This isn't a bad ball club, and with a few smart moves this club could be very good.  But these moves need to happen before other teams get hot and leave the Mets in the dust.  The fans deserve better, and the team does too... 

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