Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dickey vs. Livan, Fastballs Need Not Apply: Tonight's Line Up

Tonight the Mets and R.A. Dickey take on the Washington Nationals and the sub 2.00 ERA'd Livan Hernandez.  Here's the Mets line up courtesy of the team's twitter account:

Reyes - SS
Cashstealo - 2B
Bay - LF
Davis - 1B
Pagan - CF
Francoeur - RF
Tatis - 3B
Blanco - C
Dickey - Knuckleballs

Wright gets a night off after last night's struggles, which is probably a good idea.  Barajas is still sick, I assume, so Blanco is in there again, too.  The line up doesn't have that "depth" that Jerry loves, but I think for what they have going tonight it make sense, although I still cringe every time I see Tatis in the starting line up.

I think tonight's game may become a "shoot out" of sorts, but I hope I'm wrong and Dickey comes out firing(?).  Can you even consider throwing a knuckleball firing?  Ehhh...whatever...

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