Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mets Lose Tough Game to Giants 6-5

Today the Mets fell to the Giants 6-5 (box score/wrap) on a late two-run, wind aided, homer by Aaron Rowand off of Jenrry Mejia.

I went into the day thinking that if the Mets lost today I would be ok with it...BUT...that was before they came back to take the lead after Lincecum was pulled.  Once the Mets took the lead on a poorly played fly ball by Torres off the bat of Jason Bay, everything changed.  At that point in the game the Mets NEEDED to win.  It's amazing how much perspective can change like that.  With the way Lincecum was pitching I was happy at least knowing the Mets have already won the series, but once they took the lead, I could smell blood and was eventually dissappointed in the way the game shook out.  A sweep of the Giants was within reach, and probably should have happened...until Aaron Rowand hit a ball that carried about 50 feet more than it should have thanks to the wind.  Either way, it was a good weekend with the Mets taking 2 of 3 from a very good's tough to take a loss like that when a win was within their grasps...

As far as what happened in the game, Ollie Perez was awful.  He needs to be sent to the 'pen or down or something, but he is single-handedly doing his best to kill Mets winning streaks.  I think it's about time they did something to get him in gear...On the bright side Bay, Davis, Wright and Francoeur were responsible for driving in the Mets runs, with both of Bay's RBI coming off a poorly played fly ball by the Giants left-fielder. 

Tomorrow starts a three game set with the Nationals.  The pitching match up will be John Maine against Luis Atilano at 7:10 in the "Citi"...

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