Monday, May 10, 2010

While I Was Recapping...

So, while I was recapping tonight's game, a miracle happened. The Mets made their team better...

The Mets designated Frank Catalanotto for assignment and called up Chris Carter, according to Adam Rubin on twitter.  It's about time this move happened.  Carter was hitting the crap out of the ball in triple-A and Cat couldn't hit crap.  This was an overdue move.  And not to pile on Catalanotto, but he looked uncomfortable and overmatched at the plate, which are qualities I'm not looking for in pinch hitters.  I thought he was supposed to be a late inning lefty bat off the bench, turned out he was left handed but often decided not to use his bat.  I don't think Carter will have this problem.  If anything Carter might be a little too aggressive at the plate, but at this point anything is better than what the Mets bench was looking like.

This is a fantastic move by the front office, I'm just annoyed it took this long to happen.  It should pay some nice dividends as having an ACTUAL threat off the bench should benefit the team.  Basically, anything is better than marching GMJ and Cat to the plate in the late innings of games.  I'm sure Cat was a nice guy in the clubhouse, but this is a performance job and he didn't perform.  I hope Cat lands on his feet, but I'm happy the Mets improved their team tonight...Very happy. 

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