Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Takahashi Fantastic Again, Jose Reyes Hits and Mets Win

Tonight the Mets took this week's three game series from the Philadelphia Phillies, and they still have one game left to play.  The Mets beat the Phillies 5-0 tonight (box/wrap) behind another fantastic effort from Hisanori Takahashi, and the continued re-awakening of Jose Reyes' bat. 

Takahashi went 6 innings, giving up only 5 hits while striking out 6 in getting his first MLB win as a starter.  He's proven all year long that not only does he belong to be getting innings, but he deserves important innings, and to me, you can't get much more important than starting innings.  Takahashi almost NEVER walks anyone, which is a huge improvement over both Perez and Maine, and gives his team a chance to win by just throwing strikes and making the other team EARN their runs (which ironically is something Takahashi hasn't given up yet as a starter).  I can't explain how happy I am that this guy is pitching the way he is right now.  Between Takahashi and Dickey, the Mets have been getting quality from an unexpected source, and it's helped carry this team back over .500, and put them on a 4 game winning streak.

Something else I had forgotten about happened tonight...Jose Reyes' bat.  It's taken him a bit to get going this year, but it seems like over the last few games Jose is finally getting going.  And as cliche as this is, as goes Jose, so does the Mets.  Reyes had two hits tonight, including his first homer of the year, after swiping two bags last night and showing a little more life than he has in some time.  Also, and probably most importantly, Reyes looks happy.  He'd looked miserable over the first two months or so of the season, almost never smiling.  The last two days, you can't stop him from smiling.  Maybe it's because he's starting to get results, but I think it's more about him feeling like he's finally back in the swing of things.  That could be huge for the Mets...

Also, as much as I think tonight was about Reyes and Takahashi, I would be at a loss to not mention Rod Barajas driving in another three runs for the Mets.  I continue to be wrong on the Barajas's been a good move.

Now tomorrow becomes very important.  Although winning the series is great, a sweep would get the Mets to within two games of first place in the division, not to mention it would provide huge amounts of confidence for the weekend meeting with the Brewers. 

Tomorrow is a tough match up for the Mets and Mike Pelfrey, as they face off against Cole Hamels at 7:10.  Let's go Mets.

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