Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sending Down Mejia To Be A Starter: Genius Idea, Wish We'd Thought of It Before...

In a post on Metsblog, citing information from Adam Rubin on ESPNNewYork, it looks like Mejia will be sent down to the minors to get stretched out in order to become part of the Mets rotation later this year.  According to Rubin, Mejia will be sent down when R.A. Dickey is called up Wednesday to start for Oliver Perez.

This is the stuff I don't get about the Mets.  I get that they were concerned about the bullpen to start the year, but it still made MORE sense to send him down to triple-A as a starter to begin the season, because at this point he might be ready to be called up to replace Perez instead of Dickey.  I'm happy they've made the decision that this should be done, I just wish it was done in Spring Training.  At least the Mets are recognizing some of their mistakes and are making moves to fix them.  I guess the theory here is "better late than never", and even at that it's not that late.

While Mejia has been good in the 'pen for the Mets, he's just too good to not at least TRY in the rotation.  Worst-case-scenario he struggles as a starter and he can be brought back as a reliever, because it takes little-to-no time to transition from starter to reliever especially when you've done it before.

Either way, this is a good move, a little late...but good.  Maybe Ricco is gaining some leverage in the front office because I see these types of moves (Mejia to minors, Davis and Carter called up, etc.) as things the Mets would not have done last year until it was too late.  I'm not sure who it is that's pushing for these moves but it's a good change in philosophy for the team and organization.  But like I've said before, I think some more moves can be made...

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