Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jerry Gives Ike The Day Off Hits Tatis 4th? Come on! - Line Up

I get giving Ike a day off, but then why not shuffle the line up.  Why does Tatis HAVE to hit clean up?  To not mess with the psyche of the team?  Come on, these are professionals.  Wright hitting 4th one day won't kill him.  This is stupid, Jerry...Stupid.

Anyway here's the rest of the line up courtesy of Kevin Burkhardt on twitter:

Reyes SS
Cashstealo 2B
Bay LF
Tatis 1B
Wright 3B
Pagan CF
Francoeur RF
Blanco C
Dickey P

The Mets need to start turning things around on the road.  No better time than the present to get that going...

1 comment:

  1. This has now become ridiculous... if cora fills in for castillo, he bats second, now tatis fills in for Ike and he bats fourth.... what can you say, other than wow!!

    I guess we can now add Tatis to the list of guys that have batted 4th for the Mets this year, that don't even belong on a MLB roster