Saturday, May 1, 2010

Line Up for Today's Game: Frenchy is a Gamer

One night after taking a beating in the field and at the dish, Jeff Francoeur is in the line up playing right field and hitting 7th.  He's tough, and I'm starting to think the trade to acquire him for Ryan Church might have been the best deal Omar has made.  But I'm biased (man crush)...

Also interesting to note that Blanco is once again catching Pelfrey.  My feeling: if Pelfrey is going to have an ERA under 1.00, he could throw to anyone he wants...seriously...ANYONE.  Even considering how Barajas raked last night, I think Blanco is the right call.

Also, Cora is giving the other second baseman a day off.  Seems as though the regular second baseman has been getting a lot of days off this year, more than last year.  Just wondering if he's feeling ok, or if his body is starting to break down a bit and require some more days off than it used to...not that I'm complaining...I was just thinking out loud.

Here's the rest of the line up for the Mets showdown with the Phillies and Roy Halladay today at 3:10 on Fox, courtesy of Adam Rubin on twitter:

Pagan CF
Cora 2B

Reyes SS
Bay LF
Wright 3B
Davis 1B

Francoeur RF
Blanco C
Pelfrey P

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