Friday, April 16, 2010

Francoeur Speaks Up Against Reyes Hitting Third: Just Another Reason To Buy a Frenchy Jersey

In case I needed more justification for my man-crush on Jeff Francoeur to continue, Jeff provided me one.  Brian Costa of the Neward Star-Ledger, here, wrote an article base around some comments Francoeur had made regarding moving Reyes out of the lead-off spot.

Francoeur is quoted as saying, "I don’t want to see that...Not at all. He’s the most dynamic leadoff hitter in the game, and I want to see him there. Who knows what we’ll do? But I’m just saying, he’s never been really a run producer. He’s been more of a guy to score 150 runs. I want everybody to get hot and keep him right where he’s at."

Francoeur takes it a step further later in the article when he's quoted as saying, "Jose Reyes has always hit leadoff to me for a reason. He’s the best. He gets on base, steals, makes things happen."

I get what Manuel is trying to do here, compensate for a line-up that isn't hitting by moving one of his better hitters further down into the line-up.  However, I don't think that will do what Jerry wants it to do.  I think Jeff Francoeur said it best, although he wasn't challenging enough when he said it, other people need to hit.  This team will not win with only one guy hitting and two starters going well.  It's just not going to happen.

The bottom line here is that the team isn't playing well, and is poorly managed.  You want a change, I'll tell you where to start...

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