Friday, April 9, 2010

Much Improved Line-Up For Tonight's Game

Mike Pelfrey will be squaring off against Garrett Mock tonight as the Mets kick off their series with the Nationals.  Here's the line-up for tonight's game for the Mets. 

Angel Pagan CF
Alex Cora 2B
David Wright 3B
Jason Bay LF
Mike Jacobs 1B
Jeff Francoeur RF
Rod Barajas C
Ruben Tejada SS
Mike Pelfrey P

It's hard to ignore a lack of Castillo (most-likely due to his "calf problems") and Jacobs moving down to 5.  I like the idea of moving Jacobs down, who, although I like him in the order should not have been hitting 4.  Just another example of overmanaging with the righty/lefty stuff on Manuel's part.  I think Tejada definitely deserves another shot at some playing time, and I'm excited to see him in there tonight.  I wonder how long this Castillo thing will take place considering the roster move that will need to happen to activate Reyes...interesting stuff.

Also, with this line-up I like Pagan in the lead-off spot much better than Cora.  Pagan getting on base will definitely allow Cora to move Pagan on the bases through bunts and situational hitting (grounders to the right side with Pagan on 2nd), which is what Cora does well.  That stuff creates runs, and that's the type of ball the Mets need to be playing.

Should Reyes return tomorrow and Castillo still be unavailable I wonder what type of roster move the Mets will make.  Hopefully it won't involve Tejada and that will make for a nice line-up, potentially with Pagan/Matthews hitting 6th, or Pagan hitting 2nd behind Reyes.  That excites me...

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